Thursday, April 24, 2008

FILM: Black Comedians Documentary

Actor Robert Townsend (The Meteor Man) is directing a documentary called Why We Laugh: Black Comedians on Black Comedy that'll be an uncensored examination of black comedy and its cultural influence. Chiming in on its social impact are a few famous black comedians. Of the list (Chris Rock, Steve Harvey, George Wallace, Paul Mooney, all four Wayans Brothers, D.L. Hughley, Eddie Griffin), I'm most shocked by the addition of Bill Cosby and Katt Williams. I know Cosby is funny, but he hasn't been for a very long while. However, I'm sure he can add a little historical context. But why add Katt Williams? He's fairly new to the game and his appeal isn't as broad as say Eddie Murphy or Martin Lawrence. And what's even more peculiar than the exclusion of these two big names is the fact that there's only one woman on the roster: Marla Gibbs ("The Jeffersons"). What happened to Mo'Nique? The woman is loud enough--it's not like you don't know she exists.

Who would you add for a more accurate portrayal of black comedic history?

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