Thursday, April 24, 2008

TRAILER: College

It seems both Drake Bell and Josh Peck are breaking out of their Nickelodeon "Drake & Josh" roles. While Peck is playing a pothead in the Sundance indie The Wackness, Bell is living out every teenage boy's dream in the film College. Playing a high school senior, searching for the perfect college, Bell gets drunk, hazed, assaulted, and abused all in one weekend tour. It's safe to assume that this movie has already been done--and done better (Superbad)--and that the producers were simply following a formula:
Relatively attractive teen (Michael Cera = Drake Bell)
+ scrawny geek (newcomer Christopher Mintz-Plasse = newcomer Kevin Covais)
+ perverted fat kid (Jonah Hill = Andrew Caldwell)
= Funny teen comedy geared towards males but accepted by females.

Also starring are Nick Zano ("What I Like About You") and Ryan Pinkston ("Quintuplets").

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