Tuesday, April 15, 2008

FILM: "Bride Wars" needs Grooms

If you often frequent gossip sites, including People.com, you've probably seen set shots of Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson filming the romantic comedy Bride Wars, a film about best friends who go head-to-head after discovering that they're getting married on the same day.

Although the choice of ladies is appreciated, everyone knows that what makes a romantic comedy is the romantic interest. If the guy isn't hot or charming, then there's no point in even telling the story. So what guys have been cast? You'd be surprised to learn that they've really scraped the bottom of the TV barrel for this one.

First up is Bryan Greenberg. Yes, he is the star of his own ABC dramedy, "October Road," but it's practically on the verge of being canceled AND his last romantic comedy, Prime, only made $22 mil in the states. Then there's Steve Howey, who's known for his wiley performance on the CW's "Reba" and...not much else. Next up is Chris Pratt, the older brother in "Everwood" and the earth-conscious hippie nuisance on the last season of "The O.C." Then, surprisingly enough, there's Michael Arden, whose resume consists of a few guest spots and a failed series, "The Return of Jezebel James." Last but not least, there's Paul Scheer, who--no offense--I'm sure isn't one of the grooms. But he is quite funny. You're probably best familiar with his peanut gallery humor on "Best Week Ever" or even the skits he does on "Human Giant."

I'm holding onto the hope that neither of these guys are the grooms, but I guess it would make sense since the movie is mainly about the women. Bleh.

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