Tuesday, April 15, 2008

ALBUM REVIEW: Mariah Carey's E=MC²

Mariah Carey is a pretty legendary diva, so I thought I'd go through all 10 of her albums (excluding the Christmas release) like I did for Janet Jackson. After a very long day and countless ballads, I determined that her best albums are Daydream (1995), Glitter (2001), and the latest E=MC². Then I thought "What better way to have a full-on Mariah lovefest than to create a Mariah mix tape?" (Also known as a playlist for anyone under 18.) Here's what would go on mine (in chronological order):

1. "Someday" (Mariah Carey): It took a while to grow on me, but once I got the message that it’s about a guy regretting that he gave her up and I heard the high note—and I mean high—at the end, I was hooked.
2. "Emotions" (Emotions)
3. "To Be Around You" (Emotions): I’m sure it’s the only instance where a guy wouldn’t mind having a song sung about how much a girl wants to smother him...with love.
4. "Dreamlover" (Music Box): Mariah describes her perfect lover. Boys everywhere take notes.
5. "Fantasy" (Daydream)
6. "Honey" (Butterfly)
7. "Heartbreaker" (Rainbow): The cheesiest video ever.
8. "Loverboy" (Glitter)
9. "Glitter" (Glitter): I don't even remember seeing this video, but it looks like a raunchy photo shoot for Playboy.
10. "It's like that" (The Emancipation of Mimi)
11. "Shake it off" (The Emancipation of Mimi)
12. "Cruise Control" featuring Damien Marley (E=MC²): Listen to Mariah's Jamaican accent. There was definitely ganja in that room that day.
13. "I'm That Chick" (E=MC²): I can see why the intro would be a tad annoying, but the vocals are really good.
14. "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time" (E=MC²): It's really catchy, and manages to be more R&B than pop for once.
15. "For the record" (E=MC²): The production is impressive.

1. "Visions of Love" (MC): Classic Mariah, belting out ballads like she was singing to the angels. Here she talks about imagining her perfect guy and finding a guy who fit the description.
2. "Hero" (Music Box)
3. "Without You" (Music Box): Even though it's a cover, it's pretty damn good.
4. "Always be my baby" (Daydream)
5. "Forever" (Daydream)
6. "My All" (Butterfly)
7. "Breakdown" (Butterfly): The only reason I like this song is because she proves she can rhyme as fast as Bone Thugs-n-Harmony.
8. "Can't take that away" (Rainbow)
9. "Lead the way" (Glitter)
10. "Reflections" (Glitter)
11. "Never too far" (Glitter)
12. "Through the rain" (Charmbracelet): I could play this one all day.
13. "My Saving Grace" (Charmbracelet)
14. "Stay in love" (E=MC²)
15. "Side Effects" featuring Young Jeezy (E=MC²): This is filled with lyrics that allude to juicy gossip about her love life.
16. "Last Kiss" (E=MC²): I'd prefer this song if Jermain Dupri would just. Shut. Up.
17. "Bye Bye" (E=MC²): This is said to be her second single that'll be released on the 22nd. She sings about losing people you love and it gets stadium-friendly at the end when she asks for the listener to sing it with her. It's very sad, but honest, and if she sticks to more songs like this, she'll be around for another 10 years.

There are only four tracks in the history of Mariah that--if I were her--I would delete from existence. Two are from Rainbows ("How Much" and "Thank god I found you") and the other two are from E=MC². Aside from the funny video, I can't really stomach "Touch my body" or the track she's been singing on talk shows lately called "Migrate." It's just so horribly written, which is surprising since it was co-written by T-Pain.

Although I recommended half of Mariah's album, the beauty of iTunes is that it allows you to make your own playlist...er, mixtape...and skip all the crap. Enjoy!

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