Wednesday, April 16, 2008

TRAILER: John Heder is a "Mama's Boy"

John Heder is really trying to overcome peaking too soon in his 2004 debut Napoleon Dynamite. But with follow-ups like Just Like Heaven, The Benchwarmers, School of Scoundrels, and Moving McAllister, it's no wonder that his last film Mama's Boy went unnoticed in November. Granted, Blades of Glory did do very well, but that probably had something to do with his co-star Will Ferrell.

I'm sure at first Heder thought he was making a wise choice. The plot of Mama's Boy is, in fact, topical. There's a study that shows that Italian men don't move out until they get married--even if they're 40. And with America's declining economy, guys can't afford to get apartments right out of college and, in an effort to save up, ultimately reside in their childhood homes with their parents until their late twenties. Mama's Boy addresses that but also puts a comical twist on it, making it so that Heder's character is so comfortable in his situation that he actually refuses to grow up despite the fact that his mom (Diane Keaton) is so tired of him that she's forced to pay someone (Anna Faris) to lure him out of her house so she can have a love life. The trailers for Failure to Launch alluded to a slacking Matthew Mcconaughey who was in a similar situation, but his character was actually a widower who was reluctant to be on his own.

Ironically, Will Ferrell's next film Step Brothers with his Talladega buddy John C. Reilly, out in July, has a similar plot as well. Both Ferrell and Reilly play the sons of two people who decide to move in together and get married. They would like to start this life, however, without their overgrown sons and demand that they leave the nest. Check out the trailers and decide which one you'd rather see:

Mama's Boy

Step Brothers

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