Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FILM: Matt Damon is an "Informant"

It always amazes me when Hollywood changes the genre of a story in order to adapt it into a film. The Battle of Shaker Heights was originally a romantic drama, not a romantic dramedy, but since it didn't test well, they added a little humor and deleted the heart-wrenching scenes. And the upcoming Fanboys was supposed to have a cancer-subplot that got nixed so it would be funnier.

Now, Matt Damon's next film Informant is a thriller that's adapted from Kurt Eichenwald's novel by the same name. The thriller's synopsis:
"It was one of the FBI's biggest secrets: a senior executive with America's most politically powerful corporation, Archer Daniels Midland, had become a confidential government witness, secretly recording a vast criminal conspiracy spanning five continents. Mark Whitacre, the promising golden boy of ADM, had put his career and family at risk to wear a wire and deceive his friends and colleagues. Using Whitacre and a small team of agents to tap into the secrets at ADM, the FBI discovered the company's scheme to steal millions of dollars from its own customers."

sounds suspenseful and mysterious, but Steven Soderbergh plans on turning it into a dark comic thriller. That would explain why he also cast Joel McHale ("The Soup"), comedian Tom Papa ("The New Adventures of Old Christine"), Melanie Lynskey ("Two and a Half Men"), and Mike O'Malley ("Yes, Dear"). Even though I think these actors are funny, I can only decide if I'm going to see it after I watch the trailer.

How about you? Do you care if a book's genre is tweaked for the big screen?

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