Tuesday, April 01, 2008

TV: Last night on the tube...nostalgia

Last night I watched every show on CBS and ABC Family's "Greek," and I got super-nostalgic with three of them.

On "The New Adventures of Old Christine," Christine goes to her gynecologist to figure out whether or not she has menopause and it turns out her old buddy George from "Seinfeld," Jason Alexander, was guest-starring as her doctor. Obviously this was prime for uncomfortable humor and even though he was playing the straight man--simply trying to ignore Christine's self-involved belief that he was hot for her--it was nice to see the two back together in a comedic setting.

The main plot on "Greek" lately is that the fraternities and sororities have to clean up their act. So the dean that's breathing down Cappie and Casey's neck is ironically Alan Ruck, the bff in Ferris Bueller's Day Off. When he crashed their Great Gatsby-themed party, because the new annoying national's member invited him to prove they were behaving themselves, Ashleigh (yeah, that's how she spells it) tried to distract him by explaining why Ferris Bueller is this generation's Great Gatsby. I don't even know how she got through that scene without laughing her ass off.

Lastly, "How I Met Your Mother" ended with a hilarious moment, when Barney types a blog entry on the lesson he learned that night about not lying to women. That sounds normal, BUT Barney is played by Neil Patrick Harris who used to be the title character of Doogie Howser, M.D. in the early 90s. So as I'm watching him type his post, I start to realize that the Doogie music is playing and then there's a shot of the screen and it looks like a 90s template, with the fat blinking cursor and the white text on a bright blue background. lol I nearly died laughing.

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