Thursday, April 17, 2008

FILM: "Sex in the City" spoiler

This spoiler has been making its way around the web for a while now, but I was sort of torn as to whether or not I should give it away. I mean, spoilers for TV shows is one thing, but for a movie. Why go see it if you already know the big surprise? Whatevs. Apparently, somebody dies. Now, Perez is speculating that it's one of the leading ladies--that Charlotte dies in child birth or Samantha comes out of remission--but I think it's Big. I know. I know. Isn't the movie about Carrie getting her happily ever after? Not exactly. "Sex in the City" has always been about these four women learning to feel content with the love they give each other when the love they seek in men (or women, in Samantha's case) dies. To be honest. I'd be happy if Big died. He was kind of a selfish jerk. And no, Aidan shouldn't replace him. He can keep his hippie family.

But, who do you think kicks the bucket?

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