Thursday, April 17, 2008

TRAILER: "My Best Friend's Girl"

Poor Kate Hudson. She's just coasting on her blond hair and good looks, doing romantic comedy after romantic comedy. She should at least change it up a bit. You know...pick a good romantic comedy. Whatevs. This one's got her in a love triangle between Dane Cook and Jason Biggs (American Pie)--yes, those B- list actors. Bigg's character is one of those serial monogamists who's desperate to settle down and tends to practically propose marriage after a month of dating, while Kate's character suddenly realizes that after only having been with two men in her life, she needs to play the field. Biggs tries to prevent that by getting his bff, Dane, to go out with her and ruin her perception of the men in the world. He gets paid for this. He's like Hitch, except he's equipped with obscene tactics. Of course, Kate happens to be the most open minded hot chick on the planet and isn't phased by any of his antics, and they fall for each other. So while Dane tries to fend her off, Biggs tries to figure out which of her new guys is stealing his future wifey. Watch the trailer for minimal laughter:

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