Thursday, April 24, 2008

FILM: Which Sex in the City Guy is your Soulmate?

Go to the Sex in the City website and take the quiz marked "Match your Man" so you can figure out which guy is meant for you: Mr. Big, Smith (Samantha's lover), Harry (Charlotte's bald hubby), Steve (Miranda's super-sweet husband), Stanford (Carrie's balding bff), or Anthony (Carrie's nasal bitchy gay friend). Sorry ladies if you were hoping Aidan was an option, but he won't be in the flick.

I got Steve as a match and here's what they say about him at the end of the quiz:

"Sweet, sincere, scruffy Steve is a romantic who prioritizes your relationship over his career and his wardrobe. He's content having you be the breadwinner in the relationship, and he's even willing to be bossed around a little bit. Although at times he lacks maturity, you have a hard time resisting his boyish charm. Steve has a contagious optimism and is always there when you need him."

Sounds like the perfect guy...except for the bossy thing. I am so not bossy. But what's funny is that after taking the "Which Sex in the City Character are you?" test, I got Carrie. Steve and Carrie aren't exactly the perfect match.

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