Saturday, April 26, 2008

TV: Hilary Duff's might star in "90210"

Since NBC already failed with the revamp of "Bionic Woman," the CW wants to make sure that when it brings back "90210" it's a sure-fire hit. The execs were smart enough to notice that "Gossip Girl" is a major hit, so they want to reproduce that catty mania by reviving the 90s series. But to guarantee it success, they're courting Hilary Duff to play a theater geek with a love for emo.

Now before you say that Duff is too big of a star to be in a revived TV show, I'd like to remind you that she hasn't released a single for almost a year and her last movie, Material Girls, was released in 2006 and it only made $11 million.

The real question is are tweens, teens, or even adults interested in Duff's return to TV?

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