Thursday, May 15, 2008

ALBUM REVIEWS: Santogold, Estelle, Robyn, Lil Mama, Cherish, & Craig David

Santogold's Staying In
Her voice reminds me of a mix between M.I.A. and Nelly Furtado. For her first album, the only faults I could find with her were that sometimes she excessively repeats herself, like in the tracks "Creator" and "Shove It," and her high-pitched voice can be a bit grating during your 8am commute. For maximum enjoyment...
"L.E.S. Artistes" and "You'll Find a Way"

Estelle's Shine
This 28-year-old British R&B singer manages to juggle crooning about her crushes and venting about the pratfalls of love--from being the other woman to trying to get past the friendship stage. I particularly enjoy the Motown beats and lyrical rhyming that are reminiscent of Alicia Keys, Lauren Hill, and Macy Gray.
+ American Boy" featuring Kanye West
+ "No Substitute Love"
+ "More Than Friends"
+ "Magnificent" featuring Kardinal Offishall
+ "You are" featuring John Legend
+ "Pretty Please" featuring Cee-Lo from Gnarls Barkley
+ "Shine"

Robyn's Robyn
I've been hyping this Swedish pop/R&B diva all year mainly because of her killer techno beats and her defiant take on love.
+ "Konichiwa Bitches"
+ "Cobrastyle"
+ "Handle Me"
+ "Bum Like You"
+ "Be Mine"
+ "Who's that girl"
+ "Crash and Burn Girl"
+ "Should Have Known"

Lil Mama
's Voice of the Young People
For a freshman debut, this teenage Harlem/Brooklyn-native still has a lot to work on. She's nabbed the younger fan base with fun songs like "Lip Gloss" and "Shawty Get Loose" featuring Chris Brown, but I prefer it when she puts her lyrical prowess to good use, like in "College." However, if I had to choose a dance-driven track, I'd vote for "Make it hot."

Cherish's The Truth
It's been 5 years since the group Cherish broke out onto the scene and they've still got youngins hooked. Naturally, having the song "Killa" on the Step Up 2 the Streets soundtrack certainly helped, but I have no doubt that the single featuring Young Joc would've done just fine on its own. If you agree, then you might want to...
+ "I Ain't Trippin" (Try to ignore the repetition of the word
"Boo Boo" lol)
+ "Framed Out"
+ "Damages"

Craig David Trust Me
The British R&B singer hasn't really been around stateside in the last five years since his second album Slicker than Your Average, keeping his career mainly in the EU. But with his fourth album release on the 6th of May and hardly any acknowledgment from the musical press, chances are he won't be breaking any ground this year. But to hold you over until he gets his bearings, I'd suggest the fourth single off his album to be released mid-June, "Officially Yours."

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