Monday, May 19, 2008

FILM: Channing Tatum stars in Nicholas Sparks' "Dear John"

Hollywood hasn't quite pigeonholed Channing Tatum as a heartthrob yet. But after being cast in a project written by Nicholas Sparks a.k.a. The Man behind The Notebook, a movie that brings almost every girl to tears, he's pretty much set for epic stardom. Dear John is a novel about a soldier on home-leave who falls for a college student. They're total opposites. While he's a rebellious ladies man, she's a reserved virgin. Their personalities clash, but they still have an undeniable chemistry. Unfortunately, 9/11 interrupts their whirlwind romance and he heads back to the army. With her male friend interested in her, it's only a matter of time before the letters she sends him end with a Dear John letter.

No word on who'll play the female lead, but hopefully it'll be someone intriguing. The plot describes the girl as "conservative," so she can't be a firecracker, but hopefully they won't pick anyone too bland. It is a love story after all. Maybe Anne Hathaway? She's yet to star in a good love story...and no, Becoming Jane doesn't count.

UPDATE: Shooting starts in September, so the film should have an early 2009 release.


  1. Well, Channing is so cute AND he's a great actor. Step Up was great and so are his later movies. I can't wait to see this, great director and one good lead. Any release date info yet?

  2. i am really happy to see that channing tatum will be john in dear, john. he was pretty much exactly what i pictured john to be when i read dear, john. i just finished it this morning and i loved it. hopefully this movie will be as good as the book!

    ~much love,

  3. Amanda seyfried will play the role of savanah

  4. Savannah is supposed to be a cute dark haired brunette...why Amanda Seyfried? She's blonde! They better dye her hair...seriously.