Sunday, May 18, 2008

FILM: Scooby Doo Gang goes to High School

The director of The Flinstones and Are We There Yet?, Brian Levant, plans on bringing a prequel of Scooby Doo to the big screen to tell the story of how they all met. Daphne will be a mystery writer, Fred a football player, Shaggy a dropout, and Velma a teen U.S ambassador for World Hunger. They apply for jobs at the school paper and solve their first mystery together.

I really like this idea. I never thought of how the gang got together. But there are a few details I'm a little worried about. Previous Scooby Doo incarnations have had a CGI dog, which was funny, but really campy--great for children, but not so much for teenagers or adults. But I guess it would be kind of weird if Scooby didn't talk. There's also the matter of what decade it'll take place in and if they intend on making them wear the same clothes for the whole movie. Then there are the actors chosen to play the members of the gang. The past choices weren't so bad, but it'll be a little harder to cast the teen versions, since there aren't very many options in Hollywood. I mean, there's only so many movies Michael Cera and Zac Efron can appear in before we start to hate them.

Who do you think should play the young versions of the Scooby Gang?

Maybe Emma Stone (Superbad) or Alia Shawkat ("Arrested Development") for Velma; John Robinson (Lords of Dogtown) for Shaggy...

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