Monday, May 19, 2008

MUSIC: Pussycat Dolls Return with "When I Grow Up"

Finally! The Pussycat Dolls have officially returned after Nicole Scherzinger's misguided attempt to go solo. It's like the return of the Spice Girls in 2000 sans Ginger Spice--but better! I'm not sure why Nicole shines brighter when her girls are backing her, but she just does.

August 5th their sophomore album, aptly titled To Those Who Wait, will debut, and the first single that'll hit radios June 1st is called "When I Grow Up." It's an anthemic dance song about wanting to be famous and how it comes with a price. They'll be performing it at the MTV Movie Awards on the same day it's released. After getting addicted to the chorus, I started to think of how they should perform it. Now I know we've had Britney overload--so much so that I don't even have to right Spears after her first name so that you know which Britney I'm referring to. She may have crashed and burned at the Music Awards in September, but since then she's cleaned up her act--a bit--and could probably be trusted to actually dance as well as she did when we loved her.

Listen to the lyrics. It's practically the theme song for Britney's E! True Hollywood story. She could wear a mask while she danced on stage with them and then rip it off during the climax. If they give her killer dance moves that impress even Usher or Chris Brown, the crowd will go crazy. But...that's just what I would do. It would most certainly be a newsworthy reintroduction of the Pussycat Dolls too, since it's not like people were dying for them to come back in the first place. Besides, what are the chances anything interesting will happen during the award show? Listen:

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