Monday, May 19, 2008

TV: "Desperate Housewives" Next Season Preview

Last night's episode was 2hrs of soap opera drama. But the most interesting part was the last 5 minutes, because:
1) All of the ladies bound together to protect Katherine from going to prison for murdering her ex-husband who not only kidnapped her, Adam and Bree, but murdered Ellie, the drug dealer. This solidified their friendship after they had initial concerns about her secrecy and she became officially apart of the gang.
2) It jumped 5 years into the future where the next season will be set.

In this topsy turvy future:
+ Lynette has a different hair cut, she's still married to Tom--who wouldn't be after that super romantic speech he gave to the gay neighbors Bob and Lee about their love-- Porter has a criminal record, and Preston, her perfect angel, is about to be christened a delinquent in juvie. I bet she totally blames Kayla.
+ Bree forgave Orson and is happily married to him. She's a cookbook author with a very business-like, dark-toned wardrobe, and Andrew, who still looks like he's twelve in a big boy's suit, is either her assistant or her agent.
+ Gabrielle mentioned in the episode that her shoes are the only children she'll ever have and--surprise, surprise--in the future she has two daughters who run through her makeup and couture like her bedroom is their playground. Needless to say, she's taken style tips from Lynette, wearing drab clothing and no makeup, while rocking mom-hair.
+ Katherine is happy and has finally been let into the group. Her daughter, Dylan 2.0, who she admitted to adopting after her real daughter was accidentally crushed by a wooden wardrobe (Chronicles of Narnia reference?), is over her initial shock and frollicking through Paris with her fiancee.
+ But the real shocker--to Susan + Mike fans--was that Susan is married to a completely different young, blond guy. It was bound to happen. She hated his mother and was forced to name her kid Maynard because of some sentimental crap he dished out about his grandfather. In my house, drug abusers don't get to name their kids. I'm sorry. It's a luxury forfeited upon lying, stealing, and using.

Other characters that were M.I.A. from the future--but could've just been left out due to time constraints--were Edie, Carlos, Kayla, Bree's daughter Danielle and her grand child, Katherine's husband Adam, and Susan's son. There are so many questions that hang in the balance due to these absences. What's happened to Edie now that she's decided to spend more time with her adorable son? After Gabrielle admitted that Carlos was her one true love, did he leave her in the lurch with two kids? How are they making enough money to maintain their lifestyle? Is Kayla sane now? Did Danielle take her kid back? Where Susan's kid and if she has him, does Mike get to drop by awkwardly every now and then to visit? Did she change his name? Heck, are Bob and Lee happily married? Because I want to know the answers to these questions, I think next season will be great.

What do you think? Are you excited about next season?

Watch the future unfold for yourself:

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