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TV: Grey's Anatomy Season Finale Recap

There's nothing worse than being stalled, perpetually stuck in one place while the world passes you by, which is why it was such a delight to see that everyone in Grey's was growing--not just Sloan.

Christina went from being a mopey, depressed lay-about to a dancing, productive resident with the help of the sparkle pager that Meredith kindly lent her. She didn't just grow, she grew a pair, defying Dr. Hahn's orders so that she could handle a heart surgery that she was practically born to do. Luckily, the chief backed her up and scolded Hahn for failing to teach her residents and putting her ego before the well being of the hospital's patients. Having witnessed this chewing-out, Christina learned from Hahn's mistake and paged Lexie so she could teach her a super hard heart surgeon technique...on a banana.
Moral of Christina's story: Learn how to be a team player.

George went from being a passive aggressive whining intern to a pissed off future resident with the help of Lexie's meddling. It seems that Lexie is so desperate for affection that she'll break the law just to please George. After he complained that he had full access to the chief's files but felt insulted that the chief thought he'd never look through them, she stole a few and uncovered revealing secrets about all of the residents. I almost died laughing when George squealed, "Alexandra Caroline Grey!" Apparently Christina is dyslexic, Alex pretended to have testicular cancer in his entrance essay, Meredith had the least amount of recommendations (4), Izzie's recommendations were mainly from her patients and it took her 6 years of night school to get there, and George...George missed the resident's exam by 1 point. This crushed him so much that another one of Lexie's inspirational speeches was in order. She explained that his recommendations, which were in the double digits, raved about him with genuine syntax and not fluff, and because of that she knew that he was meant for greatness. I didn't catch the romantic subtext there until after George practically demanded that he be allowed to retake the exam when he told the chief that recording notes was beneath him and he ran home and kissed her on the mouth for giving him the push he needed. Her face lit up so brightly, she could've outshone the sun. I don't know how that's going to pan out, but I am interested in seeing whether or not he'll settle for Meredith's sister, since he can't have Meredith. Is he even still in love with Meredith?
Moral of George's story: To quote a movie (Dedication) I just saw, "Succeeding in this business is 99% perseverance and 1% talent." Don't ever let anyone get you down kid.

Miranda doesn't usually get any front and center cases, but her patient for the books. A 19-year-old boy was dared to lay in a vat of quick-drying cement and because he wanted to impress a girl, he did it. Needless to say, since it was quick-drying, there were very bad consequences. The chemicals from the cement were searing off his skin, sucking the water from his body, cutting off the circulation to his limbs, and after they remove him from the block of concrete, all of those chemicals were going to rush to his heart and kill him. Ahh, the things we do for love. Needless to say, Miranda was a little frazzled, but it seemed she was frazzled before he had even arrived. She was trying to decide what part of her life she would have to give up in order to retain some sanity. After regaling us with some pretty accurate and entertaining Star Wars trivia to calm the dork in cement who had the audacity to compare his situation to Han Solo's carbonite capture, she decided it would be best to hand the clinic over to Izzie. That was a tad anti-climactic, but I guess it makes sense. There was a cute fire fighter (paramedic?) hovering over her at the beginning who seemed like he could be a possible love interest for her, which could be an interesting plot line next season, since her marriage is on the rocks and she's been complaining all season that no one would ever expect that she'd have sex in the closet.
Moral of Miranda's story: Sometimes having it all isn't what it's cracked up to be. With happiness comes sacrifice.

The surgeon who had the honor of wrangling the idiots who dared Han Solo Jr. was Callie. She was supposed to get details of what happened that would help the surgeons save the guy, but instead she learned that the girl he did it for refused to admit she liked him because her friends wouldn't approve. By looping Callie into this juvenile behavior, she was able to see that her attraction to Erica was also none of her friends' business and nothing she should be ashamed of. Somehow, Sloan was the one who ultimately convinced her of that. That's right ladies and gentleman, he's growing. I love the part when he said "I'd give anything to have someone think of me all the time." I hope he gets a solid love interest next season. Perhaps a new fertility specialist to replace Addison. In the end, the girl finally went to Han Solo Jr.'s side and kissed him, and Callie walked up to a distraught Erica, sputters for a few seconds, and then kisses her passionately.
Moral of Callie's story: There are some people who are willing to go so far as to leap into a vat of cement to prove their love for someone and then there are people who would let their true love die in order to protect their own hearts. You decide which one you want to be.

Alex was busy taking care of Eva, making her meals, helping her shower, and getting her dressed. But while he marinated in denial, Izzie watched, praying someone would tell her what to do to bring him back to his senses. After Eva slit her wrists and Alex rushed her to the hospital to stitch her up himself, Izzie demanded that Miranda step in. But Bailey wasn't having it and she told her that Izzie knew exactly what she was supposed to do. Even after Alex called Izzie a stupid bitch, she still admitted Eva into the hospital and assigned her a therapist and psychiatric drugs to treat her mental illness that had been developing since before her accident. The most heart-wrenching part of it all was when Alex begged Izzie to let him handle it. He was hysterical, screaming, "I've done this before! I've done this before!," referring to how he cared for his mother when he was little. He said that he was older now and he'd be better at it. Honestly, after watching that, I'd give him an Emmy. After he gave into Izzie's wishes, he found out that Eva's husband had left him and took her baby two months ago and then he told her that she'd be admitted to a psychiatric hospital for further treatment. She was lucid enough to apologize for not being there for him, because she knew he had trust issues, which proved that she really did love him. But what happened after presents the question of whether Izzie loves him too. When she got home, she went to check on him in his room and discovered him staring off into space while sitting on his bed. When she tried to console him, he tried to kiss her. When she rejected his advances, he begged her saying, "Just this once." While he was suggesting that they have sex just this once, it seems they never got that far, because he broke down in tears on her shoulder after the first kiss, sobbing "Please" over and over again. I don't think Izzie should be Alex's rebound or should date him out of pity, but I am growing impatient waiting for her to realize she's meant to be with him.
Moral of Alex's story: You should learn how to trust your friends more.

Meredith and Derek were given a midnight deadline (no pun intended) to develop the perfect virus for their case study or it would be shut down. All of the deaths of their patients were taking a toll on them both. Meredith sporadically popped in on her therapist to whittle away at her memory of her mother's suicide attempt--something that damaged her so much that when she saw Eva's blood on her kitchen floor, she scrubbed it even after it disappeared. Meanwhile, Derek started to beat himself up about never being good enough for Meredith, romantically or professionally, and decided he would sell the land he was camping out on--the land he planned to build the house he designed for Meredith.

Their patients, Beth (Jurnee Smollett from The Great Debaters) and Jeremy (Marshall Allman from "Prison Break"), were teenagers in love, despite the fact that Beth's parents were against it. Luckily, being hopeless romantics, before both surgeries, Derek and Meredith got the two love birds some alone time so they could lose their virginity to each other. I nearly died laughing when Derek walked in after and said, "How was it?" Because of the new restrictions, they were only supposed to operate on one of them, but Meredith got Derek to do both surgeries before midnight. Unfortunately, Jeremy died, prompting Derek to throw the celebration champagne in the garbage, tell Meredith he hated her for putting him through this, and advising Beth to go home. But Meredith convinced Beth that Jeremy's death helped them figure out how to save her, so they performed the surgery and she lived. The chief was happy, but she had defied him. She blew him off, told him about her mother's attempted suicide, and pretty much said she hated him for it, because he had destroyed an extraordinary woman. Then she ran back to her therapist to tell her what she realized about the day of her mother's attempted suicide. Her mother knew that she couldn't successfully kill herself by slitting her wrists, which meant she didn't really want to die. Yay! And when she told her to be "extraordinary," she didn't mean as a doctor, she meant in relationships. Double Yay! With Meredith's sudden revelation, the love in the air, and their success, they were both inspired to hunt each other down and celebrate. He ended up at her house and she ended up at his trailer, which gave her enough time to do the most romantic thing I've seen in a long time on TV. She reconstructed the house's blueprints--as best she could--on his land using hundreds of candles. Of course, she explained what it was--pointing out where their kids' bedrooms would be--when he finally arrived with a lot of ranting and raving, but he got her to shut up when he kissed her. FINALLY! Then he went to go break up with Rose.
Moral of Meredith & Derek's story: Patience is a virtue.

Oh and the chief got his wife back after repeatedly saying that he was a good man throughout the entire episode. Can't wait for the next season!

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