Thursday, May 01, 2008

TV: Mel Gibson's comeback

I can't imagine that Mel Gibson's Passion of the Christ proceeds ($611 mil) are whittling down, but for some reason he wants to return to acting. The last time he was in a well-publicized film was in 2002 for M. Night Shyamalan's Signs. The last time he was in a film at all was in 2003 for the UK miniseries remake The Singing Detective. The last time he was on TV was for a cameo on a canceled show he produced called "Complete Savages" in 2005. One-year later--despite having no projects in the works or movies to promote--he was splashed all over the news as a racist and sexist pig. It's been almost 2 years and Gibson seems to be slowly recovering from the downfall.

The first film that he'll be starting on soon, Under and Alone, is an adaptation of the William Queen autobiography that doesn't seem to have a director attached yet. The true story follows an ATF undercover agent who "infiltrated the notorious and violent Mongols Motorcycle Club" to bust them for distributing illegal guns, cocaine and stolen motorcycles. Then he'll start on a drama that he's producing called Sam and George. The writer, Richard Wenk, and director, Richard Donner, of 16 Blocks are at the helm. He'll play a guy who reunites with his old friend after he serves 20 years in prison for a crime he didn't commit. Both films center on isolation, which is something Gibson isn't a stranger to.

His latest project is a remake of the critically acclaimed six-hour 1985 BBC mini-series "Edge of Darkness." The plot has a little bit of everything: crime, drama, political conspiracy and science-fiction. "The original followed straitlaced police investigator Ronald Craven investigating the brutal killing of his activist daughter Emma. Craven's investigations soon lead him into a murky world of government and corporate cover-ups and nuclear espionage, pitting him against dark forces that threaten the future of life on Earth. The series was highly influenced by the then reactionary policy of Margaret Thatcher's administration, the secrecy surrounding the still hotly topical nuclear energy industry, and the budding concerns over a future environmental cataclysm." William Monahan (The Departed) will update the script and Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) is directing.

Will you watch another Mel Gibson film despite his actions?

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  1. Yeah I will watch Mel's films. I am a huge fan of his. I can forgive him for his mistakes. He is one great actor and deserves a second chance.