Monday, May 12, 2008

TV: New CW Series "Surviving the Filthy Rich"

After the premiere of "Dirty Sexy Money," the emphasis of class differences in "Ugly Betty," and the detailed accounts of the scandal-laden Upper East Side in "Gossip Girl," I'm starting to think this "chronicle the rich" thing is a trend.

The CW has decided to ride on the coattails of its "Gossip Girl" cult success and produce yet another series that'll be filled with just as much frivolity. In "Surviving the Filthy Rich," Meagan (JoAnna Garcia from "Reba"), a recent Yale graduate, moves to Manhattan only to discover that making it in the Big Apple is just as difficult for legal citizens. After getting fired from a painful stint at a tabloid, she signs her soul away--figuratively of course--to the grandmother of infamously wealthy teenage twins in Palm Beach who are having a hard time getting into Ivy leagues. All she has to do is get them into a respectable, high-profile university and they'll fill her pockets with enough cash to cover all of her student loans. This sounds like it should be a reality that I would actually audition for.

The twins are fraternal--played by Lucy Hale ("Bionic Woman") and newcomer Ashley Newbrough. There's a cute next door neighbor named Will. She has an estranged sister named Lily. And her best friend is guy named Charlie, played by Michael Cassidy ("Smallville" and "Hidden Palms"). I imagine there will be a Dawson's Creek-type love triangle and a little drama with her sister.

Does it sound like something you'd watch?

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