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TV: Updated Fall 2008-09 Line-up

CW 11
Was in danger of being canceled, but is Returning: Reaper (as a mid-season replacement for "Smallville"), The Game, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl
Canceled: Aliens in America, Life is Wild, Girlfriends
NEW shows & casting
+ Tyra Banks' reality show "Stylista," where fashion journalists compete for a job at Elle magazine.
+ "Bevery Hills 90210" revamp: Lori Loughlin ("Summerland"), Jennie Garth ("What I Like About You") and Tristan Wilds ("The Wire") have already signed on. There are rumors that Tori Spelling and Shannon Doherty are being courted, which sounds like a heap of diva drama waiting to happen.
+ "Surviving the Filthy Rich": Plot here and Clips here.

Was in danger of being canceled, but is Returning: Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, Samantha Who?, Boston Legal, Eli Stone, According to Jim, Private Practice
Canceled: October Road, Women's Murder Club, Men in Trees, Cashmere Mafia, Big Shots, Carpoolers, Cavemen, Just for Laughs, Miss/Guided, Notes from the Underbelly, Oprah's Big Give
NEW shows & casting
+ "Life on Mars": a Brit remake about a detective who suffers a blow to the head during a car accident and wakes up in the 70s. The lead character is played by Jason O'Mara who had a two-episode stint playing a tumor/bear-attack patient on "Grey's Anatomy" recently and a few episodes as a potential love interest on "Men in Trees." Watch trailer.
+ "Scrubs": Poached from NBC for its final season

Was in danger of being canceled, but is Returning: Friday Night Lights (January), Lipstick Jungle, Chuck, Life, 30 Rock
Canceled: Bionic Woman, Journeyman, Las Vegas, Quarterlife, Scrubs (moved to ABC)
NEW shows & casting
+ "Dunder & Miffinities": "Office" spinoff
+ "My Own Worst Enemy": Christian Slater stars as a Jekyll/Hyde character who has a super spy alter ego. The best part of this drama is that both sides of him are out of their element. The 13-language speaking, athletic assassin has to play house sometimes in the suburbs with his family and the dreadfully boring efficiency expert has to bluff his way through dangerous deals.
+ "Kath & Kim": A recently divorced spoiled brat (Selma Blair) begs her mom (Molly Shannon) to let her move back in, which puts a damper on her mom's plans to finally restart her search for love.
+ "Knight Rider": It'll be different than the 2-hr movie pilot that aired, but still have the same cast members.
+ "Crusoe": Philip Winchester (Flyboys) will star as the title character in this novel adaptation about an explorer who leaves his true love (Anna Walton from Hellboy 2) behind for adventure. He gets stranded for 28 years on an island and makes friends along the way as he tries to get back to her.
+ "The Philanthropist" (January)
+ "Merlin" (January): 22-year-old British twins Colin and Daniel Morgan will play Merlin in this fantasy drama about the great wizard before he was so great. It takes place in Camelot and will also feature Arthur before he was to be king.
+ "Kings" (January): Christopher Egan (Resident Evil: Extinction) will star as a young warrior in a modern metropolis who saves the son (Sebastian Stan from Covenant) of the king (Ian McShane from "Deadwood") while in enemy territory, forging the possibility of a much needed era of peace. Although the people look to him as the poster boy for hope, there are others who want to see him fail.
+ "The Listener" (Summer 2009): Craig Olejnik ("Runaway"), a Canadian newbie, will play a paramedic who can read minds and uses that ability to solve crimes.
For more details on all of these NBC shows...

Was in danger of being canceled, but is Returning: Til Death (younger characters have been dropped due to a revamping of the plot), Prison Break, Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Canceled: Back to You (got the boot because the two leads were too expensive), New Amsterdam, Canterbury's Law, K-Ville, Nashville, The Return of Jezebel James, Unhitched.
NEW shows & casting
+ "The Inn": Jerry O'Connell stars in this series about a New York hotel. The pilot is directed by Jason Bateman.
+ "Class Dismissed" (which was once "Sit Down, Shut Up"): Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Henry Winkler will voice disgruntled, dysfunctional high school faculty members in this animated comedy. Sneak Peak.
+ "Fringe": J.J. Abrams production. Enough said. lol It's about a female FBI agent (Australian actress Anna Torv) and an institutionalized scientist (Joshua Jackson) who investigate paranormal activity. So it's "X-Files" meets "Bones." Sneak Peak.
+ "Dollhouse": Joss Whedon, another TV great, brings us a mid-season replacement that'll add to the scifi dramas. Eliza Dushku stars as human among "a group of 'dolls' whose personalities are rendered and then wiped clean to accomplish different assignments and tasks." Sneak Peak.

Was in danger of being canceled, but is Returning: How I Met Your Mother, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Big Bang Theory, Rules of Engagement
Canceled: Moonlight, Shark, Welcome to the Captain, Cane, Jericho, Viva Laughlin
NEW shows & casting
+ "Worst Week": In this British comedy remake, newcomer Kyle Bornheimer plays a nervous future son-in-law, who feels the pressure when he has to help his fiancee, played by Erinn Hayes ("Kitchen Confidential"), tell her parents that they're getting married and she's pregnant.
+ "Project Gary": Comedian Jay Mohr plays a pathetic single dad who has an overbearing ex-wife played by Paula Marshall ("Cupid"). Together they attempt to have an amicable divorce as well as restart the dating game, while taking each other's feelings into consideration. But when his wife gets engaged to their therapist, he decides to go after one of his clients, a single mother played by Jaime King ("The Class" and Sin City).
+ "The Mentalist": Simon Baker (The Devil Wears Prada) plays a guy who uses his "powers of perception" to solve crimes. Yes, another one.
+ "Eleventh Hour": Rufus Sewell ("John Adams") and Marley Shelton (Grindhouse) get all X-Files on us and investigate "scientific horrors." Other agents are played by Robin Tunney ("Prison Break") and Amanda Righetti ("The O.C." and "North Shore").
+ "The Ex List": A psychic tells a woman that she's already met, dated, and probably had sex with her soul mate and now she has to re-date every guy in her black book to find him before a year ends or she'll end up alone. Starring a couple of newbies, like Rachel Boston ("American Dreams") and Alexandra Breckenridge ("Dirt"), the most telling cast member is actually Elizabeth Reaser who is supposed to be playing Eva on "Grey's Anatomy." I guess she won't be sticking around on that show.
+ "Harper's Island": It's a horror story about a group of friends who get together for a destination wedding off the Seattle coast. Ryan Merriman of the Final Destination and The Ring fame is starring.
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