Tuesday, May 06, 2008

TV SPOILER: Gossip Girl - Blair & Chuck's plans

Ask and you shall receive:

So the rumors were true. Not only was Serena involved in a sex tape, but she admitted to killing someone. Although, it was probably accidental. The juiciest part of last night, however, were the sudden transformations--besides the total schizo behavior of Jenny/Eric's gay boy toy, Asher.

Chuck may have been MIA, but he was still checking up on Serena and his little step bro from afar. And in the previews for next week, he's seen lounging with Nate and possibly even conspiring against Georgina with Blair. If his transformation wasn't shocking enough, we saw a defeated Jenny and a semi-repentant Blair, who not only attempted to spare the newly outted Eric, but finally retired the Queen B act to play the much needed role of bff to Serena.

But the true shot heard around the world is yet to come. According to spoiler sources: "Chuck will plan a trip with Blair but will fail to meet her at the heliport. Instead, she’ll board the helicopter with someone she meets while waiting for Chuck." Hmmm. Can't imagine who they're referring to. Can you?

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