Thursday, June 19, 2008


When I first saw Aaron Yoo in Disturbia, I thought he was hilarious and grossly underused as the best friend for the purposes of a lame romantic subplot. What I enjoyed the most about his performance was that he wasn't playing a stereotypical Asian character. Since then he's been a hot commodity.

Yoo starred in the surprise hit 21 this March and he'll be in the Tribeca film The Wackness this July. Coming up in the Fall, he'll be in the thriller Game and the drama Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist. Next year, he'll appear in the remake of Friday the 13th and star in the drama Kid Cannabis. But the closest to a leading role that he's gotten so far has just been announced. He's been cast as Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend in the latest pregnancy-related comedy Labor Pains. While that isn't exactly a step up, it is a step in the right direction. As long as he keeps shooting for non-racially specific parts, he might actually get somewhere in this business.

Also, it doesn't hurt that this 29-year-old Jersey native is pretty hot.

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