Sunday, June 22, 2008

FILM: Box Office Results - 6/20/08

Steve Carrell out-Smarted the competition, coming in at #1 with $39 mil. Meanwhile, it seems Mike Myers didn't exactly have a love connection with moviegoers this weekend, since The Love Guru came in at #4 with $14 mil after Kung Fu Panda ($156 mil) and The Incredible Hulk ($96 mil), which is surprisingly hanging in there in its second week. Critics are blaming Guru's supposed failure on a number of variables, from Myers long absence from live action film to Jessica Alba's lack of profit-power--only her comic films succeed--to the fact that every movie Justin Timberlake has physically appeared in has not done well. Maybe they should just give it time. School's out at the end of the week and teenagers will be free to empty their wallets at all hours of the day. Myers can at least take comfort in knowing that Adam Sandler won't be competition much longer. Having dropped from #4 to #7, You Don't Mess with the Zohan is plummeting after only 3 weeks. But Sandler's likely to take home a nice chunk of change, since he's already amassed $84 mil. The other new box office film, Kit Kittredge: An American Girl came in at #16 with $223,000, which isn't half bad for a 5-theater release.

As for the rest of the box office, the only two horror flicks in theaters are fairing pretty well. Although The Strangers is on its way out at #10 in its 4th week, it did manage to make $50 mil before its demise. The Happening will most likely scare up a few more millions before it takes it leave, since it's positioned at #5 with $50 mil in its 2nd week. Ladies seem to have either had their fill of sex or have gone on early vacations, because Sex and the City is sure to be bumped from its #8 spot soon after a healthy 4 week run amounting to an impressive $132 mil. Iron Man is the only steady champ in the box office at the moment, managing to stay in the top 10 for 8 weeks. Soon it will retire, but for now it sits at #9 with $305 mil. Indiana Jones, on the other hand, has a few more weeks to razzle dazzle audiences. In its 5th week, it's up to $290 mil at #6. Heading for official retirement though are The Chronicles of Narnia with a disappointing $259 mil worldwide--making a small profit after covering its $200 mil budget--and What Happens in Vegas with $195 mil worldwide, making more abroad than in the states.

Next week, Wall-E tries to out-cute that cuddly panda, Wanted puts those super spy spoofs to shame, and Brittany Snow (John Tucker Must Die) makes a go at a serious acting career with the indie Finding Amanda.

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