Sunday, June 22, 2008

TV: "Life on Mars" and "The Philanthropist" Revamped

Apparently people hated "Life on Mars" so much after catching a preview that orbited the net, that ABC decided to redo it. It's odd that the network would even lead with this as a potential pilot for next season when two similar shows, NBC's "Journeyman" and FOX's "New Amsterdam," were just canceled. ABC's solution was to replace the executive producers with the ones from another canceled show, "October Road." They're also thinking about replacing the entire cast and maybe even the lead, Jason O'Mara ("Men in Trees"). Here's an idea: cancel it before you even bother wasting more energy. Or maybe ABC should just stop trying to poach an idea from overseas and make it American. The show centers on a guy who gets hit by a car and wakes up in the 70s where he has to keep being a cop and play along. I think where this show and "New Amsterdam" went wrong is that they didn't keep time traveling. As for "Journeyman," in which the character continued to time travel, his mission needed to be a little less noble and a little more Bourne Identity-ish. I mean, think about it. Imagine if Jason Bourne was the main character in a time traveling instead of location-hopping version of Jumper. That would be pretty awesome.

Another network that's decided to scrap their pilot and start fresh is NBC with "The Philanthropist," a show about a rich and eccentric tycoon who decides to use his money to help people after his son dies. According to the main site, he will be "dodging bullets in third world countries to hand deliver vaccines," as well as doing other dangerous and insane stunts to be a vigilante philanthropist. That sounds a bit much, but I guess it could work with the right lead and content. Their solution to their problem is to hire Peter Horton ("Dirty Sexy Money"), David Eick ("Bionic Woman") and Charlie Corwin ("Miami Ink") to direct and executive produce it. Who knows if that'll work.


  1. Jason O'Mara is not being replaced. You should actually check your sources once in a while to actually get a fact or two right. Not one report has said that he would be replaced. Second the announcement about the changes were made at the upfronts which is when the trailer was released. McPherson said that the new writers would rewrite the pilot to make it their own.

  2. I agree this really shows how ignorant people can be without even seeing the final pilot which airs in late September. It's obvious that the JANiE website doesn't know what their talking about. AND yes Jason O'Mara is staying because why? He has a talent holding deal with ABC who paid him a whole lot of money to stay with ABC Studios because they believe in him as a actor and a star. I wonder if the JANiE website knows what that is?

  3. Well, Monica, apparently unnamed ABC or 20th TV employees or Jason O'Mara's mom and dad are visiting your blog and trying to pump this show.

    And I'm sure you know what a talent holding deal is.

    Thing about those talent holding deals is that they aren't always about holding a great deal of talent. Sometimes it's just about packaging of a project from one of the big agencies.

    For me, I know that I won't be seeing anybody other than John Simm in the role, because I'm not gonna watch this version. I've already seen the original cast, why would I?

    Anonymous commenters are lame, by the way.

  4. To iamatvjunkie,
    I agree sometimes these projects are tied into a deal with an agency with the show and the actor... in Jason's case this isn't true. Jason has been with ABC since 2005 and has work on variety of projects for the network. Some have aired like "In Justice" some haven't made it to series like "Marlowe". But ABC still believes in him and executives have talked about his talent and his range as an actor and future success for a few years now. Oh and by the way the reason I don't use a name for this board is because I feel it's second rate. After today there's no reason to reply. I am not related to him in any fashion just a believer in good people like Jason and his family. Also my name is RT from Arizona. Glad I'm knowing your name. (handshake?)