Sunday, June 29, 2008

FILM: Box Office Results - 6/27/08

Wall-E totally kicked Kung Fu Panda's ass, debuting at #1 with $62 mil, while the bear that launched the word of the summer--Skadoosh!--came in at #4 with $179 mil. Wanted, one seriously badass movie with amazing action sequences and an extremely funny James McAvoy performance, came in at #2 with $51 mil. Get Smart, a movie I still haven't managed to see yet, slid down to #3, reaching $77 mil, and The Incredible Hulk, which was better than the first, slowly treks towards making its budget ($150 mil) back, coming in at #5 with $115 mil.
Unfortunately, Mike Myers' The Love Guru is getting bad vibes from moviegoers, plumetting to #6 with a measly $25 mil. I just read an eye-opening article about Myers in EW and could not believe the bad rap that he has in the industry. Myers? A pre-madonna? No way! Not Wayne! Even M. Night Shymalan, whose suspense-making credibility is wavering, is doing better than him. The Happening, coming in at #8 this week, may be exiting the box office quicker than the Guru, but it'll most likely take home much more, grossing $59 mil so far. Heck, even You Don't Mess with the Zohan is doing better. On its last legs, coming in at #10, Zohan retires with $91 mil after a month.
Indiana Jones 4, a film I've seen twice already, is still living up to the hype, coming in at #7 with $300 mil domestically and $690 mil worldwide. Ri-diculous--I totally contributed to that. Last, but not least, the ladies of NYC are about to bid adieu to Sex and the City--until they figure out a sequel plot--as it came in at #9 with $312 mil worldwide. Both Iron Man and Prince Caspian finally retired from the top 10. Poor Caspian solidified everyone's suspicions, resulting in a huge disappointment profit-wise with $275 mil. I, personally, thought it was awesome and can't wait for the third film. Iron Man, on the other hand, was one of many huge profit-bearing surprises this summer, resulting in immediate sequel rumors. Why of course! After making $560 mil worldwide, that's a no-brainer. As for Finding Amanda, the little indie that couldn't, there doesn't seem to be any box office numbers available, but it received a few good reviews (NYT & Washington Post), so maybe there's hope for next week.

Speaking of which, this Fourth of July weekend is usually the time when some action movie makes a bajillion dollars. Last year, I over-did it by watching three movies in theaters and like 10 at home. In my defense, it was hot outside. SO! Next week, nearly every kid on the planet is free from the shackles of education for a sweltering and soggy summer. Where shall they find shelter? Will it be in Theater 1 with the action-packed superhero dramedy Hancock, starring Will Smith, Charlize Theron, and Jason Bateman (whose last name is strikingly similar to Batman--yes that is an incentive to watch the film). Or will it be Theater 2, for a little 90s nostalgia in The Wackness with the former Nickelodeon cash-cow Josh Peck and the Juno-alum Olivia Thirlby. Actually, I don't think kids are even allowed to see that movie. Apparently, Josh of "Drake & Josh" gets deflowered. And for the parents who will be overjoyed to abandon their children in Wall-E or Kung Fu Panda, there's the super funny black comedy Kabluey or the second semi-depressing dramedy Matthew Broderick brings us this summer, Diminished Capacity. I would recommend ordering the Family Pack at the concession stand and making it a double feature. Stay cool (and dry) kids!

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