Thursday, June 19, 2008

FILM: "Escape from New York" Remake

Kurt Russell is probably best known as Snake Plissken of the cult classic Escape from New York. Fifteen years later, he reprised his role as the one-eyed mercenary in Escape from L.A. Now, twelve years later, producers are gearing up for a remake of the first film.

Naturally, they're shopping around for a new lead. It was rumored that Gerard Butler proved he could be bad ass in 300, but lately it seems that Josh Brolin's No Country for Old Men performance might've clinched him an offer.

Who would you prefer? Do you want to see the remake?

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  1. Actually, your facts are a little off. Butler was offered the role and he initially agreed to do it. Ultimately, and I don't know the exact reason, but he bowed out and it was announced that he left the project. He doesn't want to do it. In other words, Josh can have it. Butler made his decision to walk away so there is no competition from him. It's done.