Saturday, June 28, 2008

FILM: My Big Fat Korean Wedding

There's a (relatively) new screenwriter in town and his pen is on overdrive. Jason Filardi's (Bringing Down the House) first high-profile script, Seventeen Again, may be getting a lot of buzz because of the lead actor (Zac Efron), but that doesn't explain why he has 4 more projects in the works, including a Korean romantic comedy. Think of it as My Big Fat Korean Wedding.

An American abroad, teaching English in Korea, falls for a native and proposes. There's a catch though. Her family has to approve and they have to have a traditional Korean wedding. If you've never heard of how meticulous those can be, then you probably are unaware of how badly this can go, especially since his family is flying to Korea to join him. That sounds like one humiliating experience after another. The story is sort of autobiographical in that Filardi stole it from his cousin--who I hope he is paying for the huge amount of humiliation he's about to endure.

The other projects he has in the works are Gangsta M.D., a comedy that he's co-writing with Don Rhymer (Surf's Up and Big Momma's House), In the Navy, an adventure comedy where a slacker accidentally switches places with a Navy SEAL--sounds awfully similar to Pauly Shore's In the Army Now--and Topper, another comedy that he's writing with Randi Mayem Singer ("Jack and Jill" and Mrs. Doubtfire) that'll star Steve Martin. Did he win the freaking lottery?

Update: My friend suggested Sandra Oh ("Grey's Anatomy") for the Korean girl and Seth Rogen for the guy, because Rogen surrounded by a bunch of Asians would just be funny to look at. However, casting Jason Segel (Forgetting Sarah Marshall), who is super tall, would be even more funny.

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