Monday, June 09, 2008

FILM: Transformers 2's Plot & Machine Characters

Perhaps people don't watch films like Transformers for the plot, but it's nice to get a hint of what kind of action will be exploding onto the big screen soon. The sequel will be subtitled Revenge of the Fallen. It's sort of a biblical tale in that it tells the story of an ancient machine who was apart of the original 13 Transformers before turning on them and becoming the "Devil" of their species. He is known as The Fallen (above), an ally to Unicron, a planet-eater who happens to be the twin brother and arch-nemesis of the Transformers creator Primus. The two evil bffs were sealed in "an extradimensional limbo," but The Fallen managed to escape somehow.

Here are some New Transformers who will appear in the movie:

1) A remote-control truck known as Wheels

2) three Can-Am Spyder motorbikes that'll transform into Arcee (left), a female Autobot

3) a rusty ice cream truck that becomes The Twins
4) the 2008 Pontiac Solstice that becomes Jazz
5) an Autobot based on the Chevrolet Beat concept car that is presently nameless
6) a SR-71 Blackbird (below) that transforms into Jetfire

I hope you are now sufficiently amped for the June 26, 2009 release!

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