Monday, June 02, 2008

TV: MTV Movie Award Winners

First off, the only award winner that I predicted correctly was for Best Female Performance: Ellen Page. Some of the other winners were huge surprises. Sean Faris and Cam Gigandet (the A-hole who killed Marissa on The O.C.) were initiated into the B list of Hollywood when they won Best Fight. I still can't believe they beat Bourne Ultimatum. But it's more acceptable than Johnny Depp beating Seth Rogen for Best Comedic Performance and Javier Bardem for Best Villain. Clearly MTV viewers just voted for him because he's super hot--the sacrilege. More believable winners were Will Smith for Best Male, Zac Efron for Breakthrough Performance, Step Up 2 the Streets for Best Kiss, Iron Man for Best Movie so Far, and Transformers for Best Movie.

Highlights of the show include Coldplay's performance of "Viva La Vida," which was suprisingly much better than the Pussycat Doll's "When I Grow Up." And even better than that was Adam Sandler's song tribute to himself after he received the Generation Award from a super-svelte, young-looking Tom Cruise. Instead of the usual opening monologue, Mike Myers and Chris Brown had a Michael Jackson-inspired dance off. My favorite Myers skit was the one where he played an over-involved animal trainer who could identify an animal's poop by tasting it. A runner up was the reincarnation of "Wayne's World," complete with a stoned-sounding Dana Carvey.

It was, however, pretty lame.

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