Monday, July 07, 2008

FILM: Box Office Results - 7/2/08

Hancock, a superhero no one's ever heard of, made $103 mil in 6 days. Critics may not have loved it, but moviegoers unphased by fireworks were surely entertained. Opening in 6 theaters, The Wackness grossed $138,400, while garnering mix reviews. Matthew Broderick's indie, Diminished Capacity, however, didn't fair as well. Not only did critics butcher it, but it only made $12,000 with a 4-theater release.

The rest of the box office either stuck to the same spot as last week or moved one spot down. Wall-E managed to charm audiences for the second week in a row, doing the robot down to #2 with $127 mil. Wanted still has moviegoers at the edge of their seats, skidding down to #3 with $90 mil. Get Smart comes in at #4 with $98 mil. Kung Fu Panda may have met its match in the form of a cute trash compactor, but it's still hanging in there at #5 with $193 mil after 5 weeks. The Incredible Hulk has managed to gross $124 mil in a month despite negative predictions. But since it's dropped to #6, it's unlikely that it'll make back more than its budget of $150 mil before exiting the top 10. Indiana Jones 4, a film due for retirement after 7 weeks, stays put at #7 with $306 mil domestically. After a wider release, Kit Kittredge managed to come in at #8 with close to $6 mil--stealing the spot from The Happening which free-fell to #13 with $62 mil. Both Sex and the City and You Don't Mess with the Zohan retained the same spot from last week, coming in at #9 and #10 with $145 mil and $95 mil, respectively. The Love Guru, Mike Myers' failed return, dropped five spots, exiting the top 10 with $29 mil--nearly half of its budget.

This weekend Eddie Murphy throws his hat into the ring with the sci-fi comedy Meet Dave. Not one, but two comedic box office staples have already failed this summer. If Adam Sandler and Mike Myers can't bring the funny, then how can we expect Murphy, a comedian who only hits pay dirt lately when he's voicing a jackass, to do any better? It might be a while before anyone topples Steve Carrell off of his King of the Summer Comedies throne. Also attempting a comeback is Brendan Fraser, who hasn't been in a hit since 2004's Crash, which does not owe its success to him. The pressure's on. It's been 7 years since moviegoers have considered him an action hero and he'll have to rewin their hearts with the 3D adventure Journey to the Center of the Earth. Then, of course, there's yet another comic adaptation, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, sure to wow audiences with its attention to creature detail. And for those of you, seeking a little--and by little I mean huge--break from explosions, there's Josh Hartnett's indie drama August and the beyond hilarious indie Harold.

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  1. Hancock looks like interesting spin on the latest superhero movie craze... if nothing else at least Will Smith tends to be pretty funny