Saturday, July 05, 2008

TRAILER: The Day the Earth Stood Still

This remake is the first of 10 New Robot Films on the way. Keanu Reeves plays an alien who has taken human form to determine whether or not Earthlings should be destroyed in order to maintain a utopian galaxy. The teaser for this remake seems a whole lot more cryptic than the original--not to mention, destructive. By Reeves' last statement in the clip--"If the Earth dies, you die. If you die, the Earth survives."--I'm pretty sure it won't be ending the same way as the original. One thing is for sure, Reeves is a pro at playing an outsider. Now all that's left to be revealed is the robot that arrives on Earth with him and the spaceship that brings them. Even though Jennifer Connelly (Hulk) is kind of bland, I foresee this being better reviewed than War of the Worlds.

Update: MTV News interviewed director Scott Derrickson and discovered three facts about the film:
1. The robot, Gort, is nearly an exact replica of the original as a way of paying homage.
2. The message of the film is not only to end wars, but to promote environmentalism.
3. Jennifer Connelly's role is more extended than the original.

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