Friday, July 04, 2008

TV: Journeyman's Kevin McKidd on "Grey's Anatomy"

Every season "Grey's Anatomy" adds new doctors to spice things up. Kevin McKidd's NBC series "Journeyman" was canceled last season, so he's a free agent. He is in negotiations to join the cast as a doctor who has just returned from Iraq.

No telling whether or not he'll be a love interest, but let's be honest, who isn't? The question is who would you want to be his love interest? I vote for...Cristina. She needs some loving. Hmm, but he might get depressing. I refuse to watch if he takes Izzie away from Alex. There's no way I'd accept him taking Meredith from Derek. I believe Callie and Erica are a tad busy with each other. It's extremely unlikely that Miranda will give him the time of day. So that really just leaves Lexie. Oh yeah! She's crushing on George. Okay then, Cristina it is. Wow! By default--that's sad.

Are you excited for McKidd's storyline?

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