Monday, July 14, 2008

VIDEO: Gym Class Heroes & Busta Rhymes' "Peace Sign/Index Down"

It's been two years since Gym Class Heroes released an album and, while I'm still enjoying As Cruel as School Children's "Clothes Off" and "The Queen and I," I'm aching for some new tracks. The next album, The Quilt, is slated for Sept. 9th, and Travis and the boys just dropped a teaser single, "The Cookie Jar" featuring The Dream, and a video for "Peace Sign/Index Down" featuring Busta Rhymes with a cameo from Tyga.

The chorus and title are basically a reference to flipping off the competition. Our Heroes are acknowledging that they've made it and explaining why music is their life with the help of Busta. Most importantly, however, they are stating, "Don't let the TV mislead you/me and you dude/we are not equal/this is for my people," declaring what sets them apart from the rest. Visually, Travis is hamming it up for the camera--at times jerking his neck like Cosby--which is sort of a throwback to how Busta used to do his videos. Enjoy:

Until we can listen to the rest, I chose to create my own playlist that'll remind me--and you---why we wait in anticipation.

P.S. "Make Out Club" is like a masterful listing of girls and their faults. I secretly demand a female response...actually, Lily Allen's "Knock 'Em Out" sort of counts. Also "Kid Nothing Boy Vs. The Echo Factor" is chocked-full of good lines, like "I could sell a blind man new ears." Enjoy!

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