Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TV: Gossip Girl - Nate dates Cougar, Blair's new man, Serena + Dan reunion, & Alternate Season Ending

Nate has been linked to a married cougar, played by 37-year-old Madchen Amick (below). She will stick around for a few episodes, messing up his prospects with Serena.

In other news, Eric will have more boyfriends this season. But what's even more delicious is that Blair is using a new guy, Marcus (below newcomer Patrick Heusinger), to make Chuck jealous. He's a Brit between 18-22 years of age. And if that isn't juicy enough, I just read a piece of the script that suggests Chuck can't...perform with any other girl.

Lil J will not take too well to being a fashion intern for Eleanor Waldorf, and might put her two cents in where it's not requested.

Also, Dan and Serena get back together...but not for long. He'll be linked to a beautiful girl at a library, where he's supposed to be studying with a famous writer. He fails to impress him, because Serena has given him writer's block.

Lastly, I just read that there was an alternate ending to this season. Apparently, Chuck was supposed to be delayed in meeting Blair because his father died in a car accident. Suspecting that he went back to his lecherous ways, Blair spends the summer with that gambling con man Carter Baison (Sebastian Stan from Covenant). Would you have preferred this ending? I would've liked to see Chuck rip Carter a new one--give him a different sparring partner than Dan.

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