Tuesday, July 08, 2008

TRAILER: Nicholas Cage's "Knowing" thriller

Nicholas Cage plays a teacher whose son keeps a prediction from his elementary school's 50-year-old time capsule that was recently dug up. It's a piece of paper with seemingly arbitrary numbers all over it. With a little nudging from his son, he tries to figure out the pattern and comes to the conclusion that the numbers pertain to the amount of people who have died during a major disaster--fire, tsunami, 9/11?, etc.--on a certain date in the last 50 years. The next date is coming up soon and 81 people are going to die. When he tells a fellow colleague, his friend manages to convince him that he's grasping at straws--I'm not quite sure how. On that date that is predicted, a plane crashes on a traffic-jammed highway. [Side note: I might be psychic. I've never seen this trailer and I've recently had a nightmare where a plane crashes on a busy street while I was waiting for the bus. Creepy.] Once it's proven to him that he's right, the question isn't "When is the next date?," but "What happens when the numbers run out?" If you want to be optimistic, you'd suggest that disasters stop happening. But I'm guessing that's not the case.

The concept is really interesting, but it is coming up on the heels of The Number 23, which also had ominous numbers that foretold the future and didn't do too well in the box office. However, this one is less psychological and more of a disaster movie with blockbuster potential. Rose Byrne ("Damages") also stars. Watch the trailer:

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