Tuesday, July 08, 2008

FILM: Kate Hudson remakes her Mom's "Foul Play"

While most publications are announcing that Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson have dared to team up yet again in a romantic comedy--after that disastrous follow up to How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, properly named Fool's Gold--I am more interested in the idea of Hudson remaking one of her mom Goldie Hawn's films, Foul Play.

Many times before, there has been speculation that films like Private Benjamin and Overboard were going to be remade with Hudson playing her mother's role. While a variation on Private Benjamin called Major Movie Star was made and released straight-to-DVD, it starred Jessica Simpson not Hudson. So one has to wonder what's inspired her to pick this particular role.

In the late 70s film, a divorcee "becomes reluctantly embroiled in an elaborate scheme involving the assassination of the Pope during a papal visit to San Francisco," so she is given protection in the form of a clutzy cop (Chevy Chase). Sounds like a lot of hijinks will occur, which are Hudson and McConaughey's specialty. It could be interesting or it could flop yet again. The boys of Ocean's Eleven endeavored to make a Thirteen after Twelve was so poorly received (by critics and fans), and they triumphed the third time around.

Do you think Hudson-McConaughey will erase everyone's memory of that poorly chosen 2nd pairing with this remake? Watch the trailer:

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