Tuesday, July 01, 2008

TV: Jason Schwartzman in HBO's "Bored to Death"

Jason Schwartzman (Darjeeling Limited) will dive back into television again with a new HBO comedy called "Bored to Death."

attempted a TV career once before, starring in FOX's "Cracking Up" with Molly Shannon in 2004. But people didn't seem interested in following the antics of a dysfunctional family through the eyes of a house guest.

His new pilot reminds me of NBC's "Andy Barker, P.I.," which was canceled. That's not to say this one will be. It is HBO after all and they don't have a reputation for being trigger happy--not many cable networks do. Schwartzman--often pigeon-holed into quirky characters--will play an alcoholic Brooklynite who decides to emulate his heroes from the mystery novels of Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammett after he gets dumped. Placing an ad in the papers to offer his services as a private eye--which he is not capable of providing--he tries to solve crimes, but mostly just gets himself in trouble.

I think the main reason my interest is peaked is that it takes place in Brooklyn, not California like "Monk" and "Pysch." So hopefully everything won't be so cheery, and things will get sketchy really fast.

Will you watch?

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