Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TV: Katie Holmes on ABC's "Eli Stone"

Insiders are saying that Katie Holmes' Broadway debut in All My Sons isn't exactly selling out. Without a film to promote her acting skills and remind people why they'd want to see her play, she's resorted to hitting up her "Dawson's Creek" producer for a guest spot on his ABC series "Eli Stone," which is in dire need of a ratings hike.

I like the show and probably won't be deterred from watching her episode, but I personally think she should've aimed for something a little more unexpected. As of right now, there are no details of what kind of character she'll be playing, but I think she would've fit right into other shows because of her present reputation and current style. For example, a bitchy mom on "Gossip Girl," a tough executive on "Lipstick Jungle," or even a fashionista on "Ugly Betty." That girl needs to learn how to name drop. I am Suri Cruise's mom! lol

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