Friday, July 11, 2008

TV: New TNT Mark-Paul Gosselaar & Robin Hood Pilots

The last time Michael-Paul Gosselaar (above) was a household name was in the early 90s when "Saved by the Bell" was the best teen show on television. It's been nearly 15 years and he still hasn't quite found his footing. He managed to score a spot on "NYPD Blue" and a recurring role in "Commander in Chief" before they were canceled. But TNT's new legal drama "Raising the Bar" might actually be what he needs to start fresh. Playing a public defender with Jane Kaczmarek (the mom on "Malcolm in the Middle") as a hard ass judge and Gloria Reuben ("ER") as the head of the public defender's office. The show will start airing September 1st.

Adding to the several Robin Hood adaptations in development--from Christian Bale's to Russell Crowe's--TNT is producing the action drama "Leverage." Timothy Hutton ("Kidnapped") will be playing a modern day version of the hero, who teams up with thieves, hackers, and grifters who, you know, steal from the rich and give to the poor--but probably more of the stealing and less of the giving. The crew consists of newcomer Beth Reisgraf, veteran Saul Rubinek, Christian Kane ("Angel") and British actress Gina Bellman ("Coupling"). Writers Dean Devlin ("The Triangle" and Independence Day) and John Rogers (Transformers, Catwoman, and The Core) are in charge, which guarantees great action. The series premieres in December.
Do you think TNT will have just as much as luck with these two new pilots as they did with "The Closer" and "Saving Grace"?

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