Wednesday, July 16, 2008

TV: "Scrubs" Recast?

The producers of "Scrubs," which is moving from NBC to ABC next season, are looking to extend the series past the 8th season. Since Zach Braff wants out, they're looking to recast the entire show, since running without him would probably make it tank as fast as "That 70s Show" did without Topher Grace and "Gilmore Girls" did without Amy Sherman-Palladino as its writer.

Although, I'd like to remind Braff that Topher hasn't made it since, even after starring in Spiderman 3, and neither has Palladino, despite her efforts with FOX's "The Return of Jezebel James."

If the producers go ahead with this plan, the newbies might be introduced as interns and they could continue the series like "ER," with a consistent change in the roster.

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