Monday, September 01, 2008

Entertainment Overflow: TV, Film, Trailers, oh my!

+ Michelle Rodriguez will be returning To "Lost" for one episode--in what capacity has yet to have been revealed.
+ The Kara character on "Smallville" will be in just one episode to wrap up her story arc.
+ Unbeknownst to most "Chuck" fans, the NBC series wasn't picked up for a full season until a few days ago. That's a good sign. Fingers crossed.
+ Jennifer Anniston will have a guest spot on "30 Rock" this season.

+ Judd Apatow's next comedy Funny People has a potentially hilarious plot: "What if a very successful comedian thinks he's dying and then finds out he's not?" One assumes that when you're that funny and you've got nothing to lose, you're going to make fun of everyone you know. Poor guy.
+ 18-year-old newcomer Aaron Johnson scored the lead in the upcoming Mark Millar comic adaptation Kick-Ass alongside Nicholas Cage. Lyndsy Fonseca (Dylan from "Desperate Housewives") has been cast as his love interest, 11-year-old Chloe Moretz (Big Momma's House) will be Cage's crime-fighting daughter, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse (Superbad) also has a part.
+ The newly re-upped Highlander movie just might be getting a lead soon. Kevin McKidd, whose NBC series "Journeyman" was abruptly canceled, is in talks for the role.
+ Superman Returns will not return as America's knight in red-and-blue armor. The studio has admitted that they admire the path that Batman and Iron Man have taken in humanizing their heroes and giving them darker backgrounds. Honestly, I don't know how much darker you can get? Superman is an orphan and the ultimate outcast, since he's an alien. There's actually no sane reason for why he should be masquerading as clumsy, chipper Clark Kent. The writers will delve into the psyche of Superman, examining his negative perceptions of humans (i.e. their weaknesses) and his destiny to rule over them.
+ Vin Deisel is planning on reviving his past Chronicles of Riddick character with two more films. I'm not sure why anyone is surprised. They don't call it a chronicle if it only has one chapter. And in other news, he's informed the press that he hasn't yet donned an official superhero mask or moniker in a film, because he's actually interested in playing a specific villain...that he won't disclose.
+ The struggling and under-appreciated former "O.C." actor Benjamin McKenzie has been tapped to star in Dalton Trumbo's Johnny Got His Gun, a war drama where he plays a man who is trapped in his body after numerous battlefield injuries. Hopefully, he's just reaching for an Oscar nom, because even Hayden Christensen (a.k.a. Darth Vader) couldn't make people watch a voiceless paralyzed man in Awake last year.
+ Apparently when studio insiders think "superhero type," Robert Downey Jr.'s name just rolls off their tongue. Not only did he destroy the box office with Iron Man this summer and manage to score the lead in a revamp of the Sherlock Holmes adaptation, but he's been tapped to do what many seasoned actors have always dreamed of: animation. While some call it hard work, most treasure it for the lack of makeup, wardrobe, and sleepless nights that it involves. Luckily, Downey has signed onto Master Mind, what could be a pretty hilarious superhero comedy, with Tina Fey. He'll switch it up a bit by voicing a supervillain instead. However, this bad guy loses his status when he accidentally kills the super hero in the first few minutes of the movie. Clearly, he now lacks purpose, which becomes the new premise of the film: finding one.
+ Aaron Sorkin ("The West Wing" and "Studio 60") plans on making a movie about the founder of Facebook and the scandal behind it's rise to fame. On equally stupid news, Bret Ratner wants to make a Guitar Hero movie where a kid wins a competition. Just go make another Rush Hour.

+ Transporter 3: This time if he doesn't deliver the "package" successfully, they have a transmitter attached to him that'll instantly kill him. He really needs to get a new job.
+ New York, I Love You: Star-studded like you wouldn't believe. Just to name a few: Shia, Orlando, Portman, Ricci, Drea...and the director's seat is more like a Hugh Hefner's house--but in quantity, not quality. Everyone from amateurs (Scarlett Johansson) to professionals (Mira Nair) have spliced together a series of love stories with the big apple as their backdrop.
+ Max Payne: The imagery is almost as sick as Constantine.
+ Passengers: Anne Hathaway tries her hand at a thriller when she plays a therapist to plane crash survivors. One of which, played by Patrick Wilson (Little Children), develops an extrasensory ability that makes him sort of prophetic and eerily knowledgable, as well as, unkillable--kind of like Bruce Willis in Unbreakable. The last part is especially good, since all of the other passengers are starting to mysteriously disappear after they claim that there was an explosion on the plane that the airline never reported.

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