Wednesday, September 17, 2008

TV: Spoilers for Gossip Girl, Desperate Housewives, Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy, and more

+ Kitty publishes a book on family and politics that brings her back into the spotlight.
+ There's a new Walker working for Robert--probably Ryan, the illegitimate son.
+ Sarah is going to work for an Internet start-up.
+ Two of the brothers will become alienated from each other.

+ Bryce will team up with Sarah again, making poor Chuck jealous.
+ Morgan will have a showdown with the leaderof the Sports Authority gang, played by NY Giant Michael Strahan.

+ We'll find out why Susan and Mike broke up in the first episode and it has something to do with a "tragic incident." I hope he didn't relapse and cause their kid to die.
+ Neal McDonough ("Tin Man" and 88 Minutes) will play Nicolette's new boyfriend, who has a vendetta against someone on Wisteria Lane. Hmm, who hasn't had a juicy dirty secret yet? + Lynette will have to battle a cougar who's going after one of her sons. She will also pretend to be a girl online to monitor one of her sons and he falls in love with her.
+ Susan's boyfriend was her house painter and he's a secret from the girls.
+ Bree is a succesful chef and Katherine is jealous of her.
+ Carlos is a masseur and Gaby is desperate to get back to her old ways.

+ Joel Madden of Good Charlotte is taking a page out of his wifey Nicole Richie's career manual and guest starring as himself.
+ Jeremy will continue to flirt with Nick's wife, Lisa.
+ Samaire Armstrong won't be a series regular. Supposedly she's traveling the world with her boyfriend.
+ Nick is trying not to fall for Karen, who is falling for Simon.

+ His gift becomes a lot more public and there will be reprecussions.
+ Sigourney Weaver will play his therapist.

+ Vince will have to belittle himself in order to get some cash by making an appearance at a Sweet 16.

+ Smash loses his college scholarship.
+ Jason Street becomes a penny pinching dad.
+ The coach has to choose beween Matt and what's best for the team, when a new freshman comes into town with impressive football skills.

+ Nate will continue to explore his feelings for Vanessa.
+ Serena will go up against Blair for the title of the Queen B of the school.
+ In the 5th episode in 2 weeks, there will be "jailhouse bonding [that] will cause Chuck to open up to Dan and reveal a secret about the never-before-seen Mother Bass."
+ Willa Holland ("The O.C.") is in negotiations for a 3-episode arc. I think she's going to play the model that corrupts Jenny.
+ Bart uncovered a secret about Lily's past that will become a major scandal for this season. Hmmm. Illegitimate child? Drug abuse? Murder? What haven't they already covered?
+ Jenny and Nate will kiss.
+ Blair will try to ruin Dan's new relationship with a girl named Amanda and Serena will meet a new guy in the 4th episode. And in the 5th, Blair will sabotage her mom's fashion show out of anger, probably because she put Serena in the front row as though she were more important.

+ Meredith and Derek will live together and Derek will ask that the roommates get kicked out.
+ Lexie falls for George. Duh.
+ Bailey will balance work and marriage.
+ Janina Gavankar ("The L Word") is joining the cast as an intern. There were rumors that the producers will looking for someone bisexual, perhaps to create a love triangle between Callie and Erica.
+Newcomer Brandon Scott has been cast as "a junior McDreamy"--not quite sure what that means.
+ Kevin McKidd (Journeyman) is getting such great feedback that he's been upgraded to a series regular.

+ The first episode will reveal who shot Nathan and then immediately start the Villain chapter.
+ Peter's future self from 2012 will replace his present self.
+ Peter's mom has a weird relation to one of the other characters.
+ Sylar finds Claire...and I'm assuming bad things happen.
+ Francis Capra ("Veronica Mars") will play one of the villains.
+ Ali Larter will have a new personality as the wife of the NY governor.
+ Micah and Monica won't be prominent on the show.
+ And 3 people will die. But, you know Heroes, they probably won't stay dead.

There will be a wedding one way or another. My fingers are crossed for Barney and Robin. lol

+ Selma Blair describes her character Kim as someone who "goes to the mall and buys everything she sees in the tabloids and puts it together all wrong."
+ There are a few changes from the original Australian series:
1) Kath won't have her best friend
2) Kim's husband, who she is separated from, will be a more prominent character
3) Kath is a hairdresser

+ Charlie "knows what it's like to be both predator and prey, and he remains keenly tuned into that idea."
+ In the first season, he found the man who committed the murders he was accused of. In the second season, he will track down the men who framed him.
+ He'll keep bugging his ex-wife, because he feels betrayed by her.
+ Donal Logue ("Grounded for Life") was cast as the department's captain who will start to romance Dani, Charlie's partner.
+ Ted will continue to flirt with Olivia, Charlie's dad's fiance.

+ Nico will discover to what extent her husband cheated on her and for how long. She'll also discover a little plan he had in place in the event of a divorce, which ironically involves photography.
+ Rosie Perez will play Dahlia, Victory's publicist. From what I saw on the pilot, she either is a gold digger interested in Joe or she's met him before in a more private setting.
+ We'll see how the girls became friends through a flashback that shows a crisis that solidified their trio.

Hurley and Sayid are teaming up to uncover this conspiracy, and of course Hurley will be the comic relief during their missions.

Simon Baker will play a man named Patrick Jane whose family was murdered by a serial killer that he's searching for. Now that I know his motivation, I'm a little more interested.

+ "A secret government organization named the Janus Collective has 'manifested a divergent identity dormant in the sealed-off portion of the medial temporal lobe, creating a split personality.'" There was a glitch in the program and Henry, played by Christian Slater, wakes up in the middle of Edward's missions.
+ "There's just not a human being on the planet that at one point or another hasn't been their own worst enemy, and this really it to a phenomenal extreme," says Slater.
+ Alfre Woodard will play Mavis, Edward's boss. She'll be like his M...that's a Bond reference, in case you didn't catch that.
+ Saffron Burrows (The Bank Job) will play Henry's smoking hot therapist. I'm a little wary of how hot she is. Me thinks she's keeping an eye on him because of Edward.
+ And in case you didn't think Slater can handle combat, he actually has a kenpo karate green belt in real life.

+ The theme for this season is "growing up." It's important to remember that this show is called Ugly Betty, not Mode. So the magazine will no longer be the main focus of the series.
+ Daniel will either start, run, or work at a men's magazine. Betty wants to start her own magazine. And Marc wants to expand his horizons and pursue other interests...whatever that means.
+ Lindsay Lohan will play Betty's father's boss.
+ Amanda moves somewhere unexpected. Hmmm. Maybe Betty gets her own apartment. This promo sure does make it seem like she does:

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