Wednesday, July 09, 2008

TV: Next Season on...

"Brothers & Sisters": The new Walker, Ryan, will have a troubled past involving drugs, discipline problems and low self-esteem. Sounds like a winner. He will appear in the second half of the season and he hasn't been cast yet.

"Greek": Michael Rady, who plays Kostas in The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, will be joining the cast to cause trouble for Casey and Rusty.

"Grey's Anatomy": As you may remember, on the season finale Eva thought she was pregnant with Alex's baby. But it turns out that someone else on the show who "shared a big kiss in the season finale" is pregnant. That's hard to narrow down since nearly every female on the show, except for Cristina and Miranda (I hope kissing her son doesn't count) kissed someone. Here are some possibilities. I don't think Alex and Isabel never managed to get past the crying stage to actually have sex, so Izzie's out. But that doesn't disqualify Alex as the father, since he did have relations with Lexie, who was kissed by an excited George. Then there's Callie who kissed Erica and was sleeping with Sloane. Oooh Sloane as a dad! That would be awesome. And of course, there's Meredith and Derek, but I wouldn't advise adding children to that unstable relationship. While it would be cool to give Alex the chance to prove he's matured by handling this situation, I'm tired of things getting in the way of an Alex-Izzie romance. I definitely vote for Sloane, since he's so lonely and eager to prove his worth. In other news, Rose, Derek's fling, isn't going anywhere any time soon, and last week's issue of EW confirmed that Cristina will be getting a new love interest, who will be played by Journeyman's Kevin McKidd. Lastly, the premiere will take place several weeks after the last episode, which will allow us to see how all the new couples are doing.

"Heroes": Claire's biological mother will be back for five episodes.

"Lipstick Jungle": Victory and Joe's relationship gets a little complicated and the architect for her new store will be consoling her...if you know what I mean.

"The New Adventures of Old Christine": Christine and Barb (Wanda Sykes) will be abusing the new California gay marriage law by getting each other. It probably has something to do with the benefits of marriage...or maybe they got drunk. Who knows with those two crazy gals?

"Prison Break": Michael makes a deal with a government agent (Michael Rapaport from "The War at Home"). He'll help them bring down the Company if they drop all the charges. But he won't be doing it alone. He'll be assembling a team. (Hopefully, somebody remembers that Sucre is still in jail.) So instead of breaking out of prison, Michael will be breaking into a Treasury Department building.

"Reaper": They'll be casting new characters throughout the season. Sock will get a step-sister, Kristen, a beautiful Asian-American girl who he'll have the hots for. Ben will also have his world turned upside down by a chick, when Nina, a demon, falls in love with him and then sets her sights on Sam.

"Scrubs": Courtney Cox will join the show for three episodes as the new trouble-making Chief of Medicine.

"Smallville": The Justice League will reunite to find Clark, who disappeared after his battle against Lex at the Fortress of Solitude. Expect Green Arrow, Aquaman and Black Canary to appear suited up. This season they'll be leaning towards the original Superman story. Clark will develop his spandex personality and get a job at the Daily Planet with a desk across from Lois, who, I'm sure, he'll start to fall for now that Lana has flown the coop. Finally!!! Chloe will participate in a love triangle with Jimmy and a serial killer known as Doomsday. There are also reports that this seaon will be less dark and more funny.

"Ugly Betty": David Blue, who plays Marc's boyfriend Cliff, originally had a recurring role on CBS's "Moonlight," but since that was canceled, he will return to the show.

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