Saturday, October 11, 2008

Music Topic: PCD's Nicole Digs her Own Grave

I really wanted to give Nicole Scherzinger the benefit of the doubt. I thought she had a tough break--couldn't get her solo album out cause of shotty material, despite her amazing voice--but then I watched the latest Pussycat Dolls video for their single "Watcha Think About That," one of only two songs I liked on the 20-track album. One of the main reasons I liked it so much was because there were two vocals audible on the track, Nicole's and Melody's--finally it feels like a group effort. But somehow in the video Nicole was in 99% of the close-ups and Melody was in the dark with crap-lighting. I'm so not a fan of divas who think their group would never survive if they weren't around....even if it's true. Here's looking at you Aubrey (Danity Kane).

Update: I find Nicole a little less annoying after seeing this video. "I Hate This Part Right Here" is not half bad.

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