Saturday, October 11, 2008

TV Topic: Lipstick Jungle's New Blood Spices Things Up

Just as I was growing bored of Nico and Kirby's relationship a new character parachutes in to spice things up. James Lesure ("Las Vegas") has been cast as the CEO of Nico and Wendy's company. He's everything Kirby isn' a good way. While he may not be male-model hot, he is powerful, driven, confident, successful, and--most importantly--a suitable candidate to parade around NYC at dinners, galas, and industry events. Alright, maybe they have one obstacle: office romances are most certainly prohibited. But at least it's one step above dating someone who's not only half your age, but responsible for publicly filing a sexual harrasssment suit against you. So which is better: having everyone think you're sleeping with the boss to keep your job or that you're an adulterous cougar?

At first, I just thought he was going to play a thorn in everyone's side, threatening their job security and industry credibility in the time of a recession. And while he did shake things up by firing Wendy--leaving her open to start her own company I hope--and openly scolding Nico for her ill-advised fashion spread, he also took Nico's side against the opportunistic troll Josh, and practically applauded her bold faux "Letter from the Editor."

His addition marks the beginning of a new era in all of the ladies' lives. Wendy not only apologized to her husband for getting him his first job, but she stands on a new professional frontier. Victory has seemingly broken up with Joe Bennett--a man so self-important you have to say his whole name--for good and started a new relationship with the hot Latin contractor Rodrigo (Carlos Ponce), despite her publicists' attempts to make her personal life tabloid-worthy. And Nico tricked that turd Josh into quitting by pretending the new boss was bringing in new blood, while finally taking her relationship with Kirby out in the open...sort of. I can't wait for sparks to fly. Wendy and Nico should butt heads again if she starts dating the man who fired her, and Victory will learn the troubles of dating a papi.

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  1. i agree with most everything here except the part about James Lesure not being male-model hot. Are you serious! the guy is gorgeous! a fine brother with a very nice build. Did you see him in the speedos on last season's Las Vegas!!! I'll take him anyday!