Friday, October 24, 2008

TV Highlights: Chuck, How I Met Your Mother, Prison Break, Terminator, Pushing Daisies, Smallville

+ Sarah's real name is not even the one we learned from Nicole Richie's character. Her father was a con artist who's in prison right now and she learned everything she knows from him and the government. Finally we get an interesting background for her and I'm actually starting to like her more.
+ Richie didn't do too badly. She's definitely more relaxed in front of the camera these days. The fight scenes were awesome too. There was a shower sequence that had the same song (Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up") from a Charlie's Angels fight scene, directed by the same guy, McG, who directed their pilot.
+ Richie's character kept alluding to Sarah's imprisoned father and she tried to get Chuck's nosy ears out of the conversation by pouring expensive wine on his pants, prompting Casey to say: "It's not the first American dollar wasted on a man's lap." Eck!
+ Ben Savage ("Boy Meets World") played Richie's geeky husband who was delusional enough to believe that Chuck was his protector. When he's first attacked, Chuck stumbles in on the harrassment as he entered the bathroom and comically says, "I just came in here to do my little boy business." That sounds like a bad ass to me.
+ My favorite part about the reunion was that Sarah went to high school in the 90s and they were playing 90s music practically the whole time, including Hanson's "Mmmbop," Backstreet Boys' "Everybody (Backstreet's Back)," and Paula Cole's "I Don't Want to Wait" of "Dawson's Creek" fame." Flashback!

+ I cannot believe that Ted didn't get married and Stella left him for her ex-husband OR that Robyn had the cojones to say that she didn't want him to marry her in the first place. HELLO! Barney is in love with you. After all, he did say: "I don't want to sound all romantic, but Robyn is the only girl I want to bang this weekend." Come on, that's as close as he can get.

+ "Tired of being at the mercy of the dealers?" said Charlie to Jake about watching the Food Network.

+ The hacker betrayed them and gave out their location to the hit man. And since Michael is all-knowing, he predicted this, placed a tracker in his laptop and followed him to the meeting point. After the hit man killed the hacker, they kidnapped him and let Mahone get in a few hundred punches. I hope Susan B gets to torture his ass.
+ Sarah sort of came to terms with what Susan B did to her. We were all led to believe that Sarah's flashbacks had something to do with her own torture, but it was actually the murder of a female guard who helped her escape that traumatized her the most--so much so that she told Suzie that she plans on killing her once this is all over.
+ Susan B made a deal with a scary Asian guy to hand over Silla for $125 mil and told T-Bag that he could have $25 mil once this was all over. T-Bag threatened to kill her if she didn't deliver and then he got the secretary to steal her prints as insurance.
+ Agent Don Self was dumb enough to threaten Susan B. I have a feeling she's going to end up shooting at him in the future.
+ Sucre almost died from a stomach wound when they were trying to retrieve the general's card, but he's fine now.
+ Sarah told a defensive Michael that if he starts feeling the symptoms of his mother's disease, he should tell her immediately, and I have a feeling he won't be doing that.

+ In this episode Sarah, John, and Cameron were tailing a psychiatrist who has something to do with the future. We learn that he helps train the Artificial Intelligence software that that creepy red head is designing, but they get caught up in all their own personal issues. While Cameron was hilariously diagnosed with social disorder (Asperger Syndrome), John reflected the emotions of a war veteran, who tend to miss the simplicity of the past.
+ It turns out the real reason Sarah has been constantly asking him if he's okay is because when they were kidnapped by that comptuer guy and tied up, we were all led to believe John watched as she murdered him so they can escape. But it turns out John was the one who choked him to death. Unfortunately, it's changed him considerably. A gun went off in the house and he said that he was just cleaning his gun. Suicidal soldiers and cops often use this excuse when they fail to commit suicide properly or chicken out a millisecond before the bullet penetrates their skin. His bullet grazed his face, so one would wonder why he would clean a gun with the muzzle pointing at his face, but he swears he's not suicidal.
+ Meanwhile, Derek was off sitting in a park, waiting for something he was told to wait for in the future. There he spots his former lover who says she traveled back in time to retire and be with him (as if he's there on vacation). But after their little roll in the hay, we see her push surveillance photos of John under her bed. So either she's gone against the revolution or the future has changed so much that they're no longer a part of the plan.

+ I thought it was hilarious that not only was Emerson Cod's mom white, but a chain-smoking gum shoe. I also liked that Olive and Chuck finally resolved some of their issues. However, I bet Daisy fans had mix feelings towards the last scene when Chuck uncharacteristically shows up naked underneath a blanket to Ned's apartment. Perhaps this was to appease all of those viewers who are baffled by their sexual restraint. There! Your question is answered. They do think about sex--probably way more than you do, since you can actually have it.

+ Finally we're getting to the core of Superman's mythology...or at least Lois & Clark's. Not only did we get to see him fly (well, my dad says he just jumped really hard--get it? Leap tall buildings?), but Jimmy is starting his obsession with the caped crusader. He's already a Clark worshipper and now he's gunning for the perfect candid of Metropolis' do-gooder, which he's prime to get next week.
+ Meanwhile, the character who seems to be going through the motions of becoming the villain Doomsday is falling rapidly in love with Chloe, which would explain the rumors I'm hearing of her wedding reception turning into a Blair Witch-type massacre.
+ Oliver's old friend and the new head of Luther Corp's plans have also been slightly revealed. It seems she's forming a team (much like Mr. Petrelli is on "Heroes") consisting of "misunderstood" meteor freaks, like the one from this episode who can turn into a shadow.
+ My favorite line was when Chloe referred to Clark's powers as "bonus features," like he was an action figure.

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