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TV Topic: "Gossip Girl": Chuck's Revenge (S. 2, Ep.7)

Chuck + Blair + Vanessa
+ Vanessa was trying to get a speakeasy saved and landmarked, but yuppies were trying to buy it up, so she went to Dan's school to get a petition signed. She saw Blair and thought it was a smart idea to blackmail her into getting a thousand signatures or she'd email the picture of Marcus and the Duchess making out to GG. Blair decided to use this opportunity to make up a reason for her to get to sleep with Chuck. She said that if he destroyed Vanessa, he could have her for one night, but you could see in her eyes that she planned on sleeping with him either way.
+ Chuck went to the speakasy, fell in love with its history (hookers, drinking, debauchery, etc.) and decided to buy it when originally he was supposed to pretend to be interested in it and then back out. V didn't trust him for a second, but the owner did and he said something like, "I know you're a good guy, I can tell." Chuck got all proud of himself until his dad refused to allow him to buy it and told him that he was unreliable and that "Luckily, letting people down is your forte." He looked heartbroken, but thankfully V overheard the whole thing and decided to console him. They had a little eye-contact moment and she started to believe he was a good guy. He didn't give any evidence--like pawing at her or trying to kiss her--to the contrary, but B was lurking around, getting more and more jealous by the minute.
+ After they came out of his room, B told him that the bet was off. He thought it was because she thought he was going to win and get to sleep with her, but it was actually because she didn't want him to sleep with V. He was sooo confused because she was acting weird, so she resorted to telling V that she dared Chuck to be nice to her and crush her dreams. V didn't believe it at first and then Chuck went to stop her from being mean to V, but then B implied that he wouldn't get to sleep with her, so he stopped and he let V believe what she wanted (or so I thought--I'll explain later).
+ At the end, B said that V was "sufficiently" humiliated so they could sleep together. Again Chuck was confused, but agreed to meet up with her in an hour. He went to the speakasy to tell the owner that he was still going to try to get the place landmarked, but the guy didn't believe him and said that he was wrong about him and he's not a nice person. Chuck seemed heartbroken and I thought he was going to bail out on B, but he showed up in her bedroom. They started making out passionately, but then he paused for a second and repeated the exact same words she said to him at the end of the first episode of the season, asking her to say those three little words as if he was prepared to say them back this time. But she refused to say "I love you," and laughed in his face, leading him to believe that she couldn't have said it before either. He got off the bed and said: "I've chased you for long enough. Now it's time you chased me." I think when he refrained from helping Vanessa, he had decided in that moment that he would test Blair later.
+ While I'm not too thrilled about his sudden chemistry with Vanessa, I do enjoy her helping him spice things up between him and B--it makes it more of a tug of war, rather than a hanging.
+ In the next episode, B tries to seduce Chuck and discovers he's a whole lot more resistant than she thought. lol

Nate + Dan
+ It seems like Nate is cheating on Chuck with Dan, and as usual Chuck pretends like he doesn't care. I'm not sure if Nate just realized that Chuck can be kind of a buzz kill or if he's pushing him away to avoid any more charity. You know, cause you never want your loved ones to see you hurting. Dan, on the other hand, isn't a loved one.
+ Nate was hanging out with Dan the entire episode. There was this funny part where Jenny was making fun of Dan for not having any guy friends and accusing him of only befriending girls (which I see no problem with), so he called up Nate right in front of her and started talking guy slang (using a lot of "bros" and outdated language) to invite him to play soccer now that Nate had gotten him on the team as an alternate after a bunch of the players got mono from the same girl. It was painfully sad. Rufus is cooler than he is. lol
+ Being the spaz that he is, Dan forgot he agreed to meet up with Nate at the park and showed up at his house instead, and discovered that it was condemned and chained shut. He snuck in and saw a sleeping bag and realized Nate was squatting, while his mom hid from scrutiny in the Hamptons. So basically the Humphreys pulled a 7th Heaven, had an "intervention," and invited Nate to stay with them. My friend Erin says that that will lead to Nate and Jenny hooking up...not to mention, a possible pregnancy scare. At least their babies will be pretty and fashionable.

Serena + Eric
+ Lily and Bart told the kids that there were new house rules. Suddenly they have a 1 am weekend curfew and can't go out on weekdays. Ridick! I think, actually, that their segment was the saddest part of the episode. I'll explain.
+ Serena refused to listen to the rules after Chuck told her that Bart only put these rules in place cause he had Southern investors in town and they expected them to have family values. He also told her that those rules don't apply to him, because his father barely acknowledges him (but of course we learn he's wrong, because he's father refuses to be associated with a speakeasy). Serena spent most of the episode complaining that Lily always puts her latest boyfriend/husband before her and Eric, but then she realized that her problem wasn't with Bart, but with Lily. It took her a while, but she got there.
+ Unfortunately, she came to that realization during a magazine interview in the middle of an industry party after revealing to the reporter that one of Lily's husbands used to have cocaine spread out on different table surfaces all over the house and she often abandoned them to go off with her lovers. Wow! Bart has a lot of cleaning up to do.
+ Later Lily apologizes for being such a shitty mom and Serena apologized for ruining the party. Lily, Bart, Eric, and Serena sat around the living room table and shared a huge cake, digging out of it like they didn't own plates--kind of like a real normal family would. However, there was no Chuck in sight. And even if he was there, I seriously doubt he would've been welcomed with the smile that Bart genuinely had plastered on his face. I don't know if Bart is faking it or if Chuck was wrong and his father can love, but he just can't love him.
+ Eric introduced his boyfriend (he's cute) to S and B, but decided he didn't want to come out in a magazine, so he didn't invite him to the party. Also, Serena claimed in the episode that she practically raised him by herself and whenever Lily left town, they'd either crash at B's or Nate's house. (No wonder he fell in love with her; they were practically living together.) I can hardly imagine S taking care of anyone ever. How could she have if she was the drunk girl of the school? That's weird. But then again that would explain why Eric tried to kill himself.

Scoop: I read that either Vanessa, Bart, Rufus, or Nate is going to die. My bet is on Vanessa, but only cause of that paparazzi photo of Jenny crying her eyes out. She would for Nate too, but I don't think they'd ever kill him or Rufus either. If they kill Rufus, Lily would practically self-combust. Now that I think about it, it makes more sense for Bart to die. It would give Chuck more plot lines if they address whether or not his father even left him anything. Heck, next season Nate and Chuck could be the poor kids of the show instead of Dan, Vanessa, and Jenny. Or they could explore how all of that money might go to his head--even more than it already has. There's also the possibility that Jenny's crying could've been about herself, especially since she's about to become a selfish ho-bag. Hooking up with Nate, possibly getting pregnant, always arguing with her dad, and hanging out with that new reckless model could all be catalysts in breaking her down. What do you think?

Favorite Quotes:
+ "Who watches TV on a TV anymore anyway?" Eric to Serena about the new house rules regarding television. That was a lovely dig to the way TV shows are ranked based on Nielsen ratings, which don't cover Internet viewing and screw GG out of a high rank.
+ The new B recruit had a "disciplinary hearing" where she was being scolded for her fashion choice. She tried to defend herself with: "I didn't realize that...", but was interrupted by B screaming "...leggings aren't pants???!!!" Note to self: Don't buy Lindsay Lohan's leggings.
+ "Our ringtone for you was 'Since You've Been Gone.'" said Eric to Lily during their heart-to-heart. Ouch!

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