Wednesday, October 22, 2008

TV Topic: Heroes' Mr. Petrelli

+ As expected, Hiro didn't really kill Ando. Because if he did, then we wouldn't have been given the lovely treat of watching "Tom and Jerry" antics reenacted by real live humans. *shakes head* In an attempt to recruit the African precog who guided Parkman, they tried to sneak up on him, failing to remember that he probably already envisioned that. Even when Hiro saw a drawing of himself getting conked on the head with a shovel, he was still confused about what was going to happen next. What was even funnier though was that when they first arrived, they saw a drawing of Parkman carrying Daphne. Hiro said that the man in the drawing looked familiar and Ando said, "They all look the same to me," which prompted Hiro to call him racist right before he started to call out, "Hello? Mr. African, sir?" That's not racist, but it's just as funny.
+ Parkman is now irrationally in love with speedy Daphne, just because he saw a future where they'd be together--hands down the only hopeless romantic on the show, aside from maybe Hiro. The genius decided to badger Daphne with endless questions about the company she works for and the things they make her do, instead of just reading her mind. Total waste of time.
+ After Daphne appeared in Silar's cell to invite him to the villains team meeting, leaving behind a nifty little business card, he stupidly broke Peter out of his drug-induced coma in order to cure their mom of her paralysis. Of course, Peter's suffering from "the hunger," so he promptly rebelled. I liked that "evil" Peter uses his powers more. In a matter of five minutes, he used electricity, flight, and invisibility. Evil Peter may be a hothead, but at least he's more interesting to watch. However, it confuses me that Silar isn't even more tempted to kill Peter than any other person. Yes, he's his brother, but he also has more powers than any other person he's ever met. That's got to be torture to resist.
+ Unfortunately, when Peter went to the villains meeting by himself--after putting Silar in a drug-induced coma of his own--he not only discovered that his dear old "suicidal" dad was actually alive, but that he's actually a douche. Apparently, Mr. Petrelli also has the power to take other people's gifts. But instead of slicing their head open or just needing to be in close proximity like his sons, he just has to touch them. He touched Adam and took his immortality power, which had the side effect of turning him to dust. Under the pretense of hugging his son, he sucked him dry of ALL of his powers. Luckily, it didn't kill him, but that doesn't mean he's in the clear just yet. He is after all in a room full of villains devoid of morals and boundaries.
+ In the preview for next week's episode, Mr. Petrelli uses the line: "You can't choose your family, but you can choose a side." Does it really matter what side he's on? He doesn't have any powers! Looks like somebody's going to have to crawl back to Sylar and hope he can think of a way to get them back.

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