Friday, October 17, 2008

TV Highlights: Heroes' "Angels & Monsters" (S. 3, Ep. 5)

+ We learned that Nathan was given his power, just like Tracy, who was born a triplet--Niki and Barbara were her sisters. One of my friends has this crazy theory that Nathan isn't really a Petrelli and Skylar was kicked aside to make room for him, but of course they're not the same age so that's unlikely. We were speculating because we're unclear as to how the "hero gene" skipped poor Nathan.

+ If you remember, Nathan told Peter that their father committed suicide after suffering depression. Of course, he learned of that before he knew he had powers. Now that we're aware that the world is filled with heroes, it's no suprise that Mr. Petrelli is alive...barely. He's hooked up to a breathing apparatus and seemingly paralyzed, which is ironic since he seems to possess the power to paralyze others, having done so to his wife in order to prevent her from stopping his master plan. He has Parkman's mind-altering father projecting Linderman into Nathan and Daphne's mind in order to get them to do things that will create chaos. Still, however, I wonder whether his "suicide" was actually attempted murder by Angela or just her excuse for why he abandoned them. Does this mean she's good or just a lesser of the two evils?

+ My friends also pointed out that nearly all of the heroes are becoming villains and the villains are becoming heroes, whether through manipulation or voluntarily. Claire, Ando, Daphne and Peter's future selves performed evil acts. In the present, Hiro stabs Ando in the chest (who knows why?), Mohinder turns into a homocidal beast, and Peter is emotionally mutated when he absorbs Sylar's power. Meanwhile, Angela and Sylar are doing their best to do good, teaming up with HRG and trying to make amends with Claire.

+ I hear rumblings that we'll soon learn Claire's origins, why Sylar referred to her as "special," her ties to the first generation of heroes, and the real reason she's so heavily guarded by HRG/her dad. Also, [SPOILER] I heard that that putz Adam is going to die.

+ Upcoming episodes have titles like "Villains," which should finally reveal them, "Our Father," which I'm sure isn't an hour-long prayer, and "It's Coming," "The Eclipse" (a two-parter), and "War"--none of which sound like good news.

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