Wednesday, October 15, 2008

TV Highlights: Chuck, Greek, The Office, Fringe, and Grey's Anatomy

+ There's a moment where Sarah has to shoot a woman who's using Chuck as a shield and pointing a gun pointed at Bryce, but Sarah hesitates because she doesn't want to miss and hit Chuck. A few years ago a similar thing happened with Bryce and she had no problems taking the shot, so naturally Bryce claims he's looking out for Chuck by telling him he should dump Sarah because she isn't doing her job. I say, Bryce is a douche--a jealous douche, who realizes now that she never really loved him. But Chuck didn't need to witness that happen again to realize she's off her game, so he lies and says that some day when the Intersect is out of his head, he wants to settle down with a normal girl and the truth is Sarah will never give up her job to be normal. Then he dumps her. Tear. Of course, this opens the door for an upcoming episode where the other girl Bryce stole from him, the one from college, resurfaces.
+ Meanwhile, Morgan was getting bullied by the huge and muscular employees of the sports store nearby and Anna had to save his ass, making Casey comically interested in recruiting her.
+ Best line: Chuck was worried that Lester was overworking his little buddy, and Morgan assured him: "Please Chuck, I have mad work-avoidance skills."

+ The huge upset of the evening was when the winner of the presidential election turned out to be Ashley. I sort of saw it coming when she had to break up a huge pubilc argument that Casey initiated by announcing that Franny was the one who ratted out Rebecca to Nationals minutes before the winner was announced. She's a professional wrangler that one. But it's sort of funny cause she was happy to be freed of her social chair duties and now she has to run the entire sorority.
+ While it is a nice change of pace and an interesting twist, the real reason it's good is because we'll start to see Casey for who she truly is. She tends to belittle the people around her a lot: her brother, her ex-bf Cappie, and even her bff Ash. Sometimes I think it didn't work out with Evan because—besides the fact that he cheated—she couldn't live up to his standards. She rather be around people who were following her lead. In the next episode, however, we'll see that Ash will be two-stepping to her own drum beat. She better watch out though, cause sleezy Evan told Franny she doesn't have to be the prez to lead, which means she might try to manipulate Ash to get her to do what she wants and drive a wedge between her and Casey.
+ Meanwhile, Rusty and Cappie went speed dating, ending in Rusty re-dating that lying, sneaky Jen K and re-dumping her after realizing she frowned upon the Greek system (and framed her scathing, front-page expose). And Calvin broke up with his adorably sad boyfriend, possibly to pursue things with his ex Heath, who is wayyy more compatible with him.
+ Cappie lost major points from me for retracting his love for The Goonies. That's sacreligious.

+ Michael practices how he's going to react during Jan's labor with Dwight, using a poor, defenseless, buttered watermelon, and tries to throw a baby shower for her. He recruits Phyllis and gets annoyed when she doesn't put as much effort into it as they did her wedding shower, and he mistakenly says: "Where's my golden shower Phyllis?!", which of course is also a reference to a sexual fetish where people are aroused by getting peed the shower I think, cause otherwise it would get messy...TMI!
+ Michael thought that Jan was going to name her daughter Astird, which Meredith pronounced Ass-turd. In actuality, she was to be named Astrid, as we discovered when Jan showed up with her new baby girl already born. Totally uncool Jan. An episode with Michael trying to facilitate birth would've championed the final scenes of Knocked Up.
+ Before Jan came, Michael told Holly that he had to treat her badly because he didn't want Jan to feel insecure, which sort of made perfect sense for once. He was expecting her to be bloated and unpleasant, but she had already had the baby and looked great. He still, however, felt the need to treat Holly like crap, which confused her. But when Michael held Astrid and felt no sort of attachment to her, Michael's allegiance to Jan faded. She strictly ordered him not to date Holly--most likely because after an awkward exchange with her, she realized they were soul mates and she wanted to crush any chance he had of being happy, for old times sake. Luckily, Michael ignored her, went upstairs, apologized to Holly with a hug, realized he felt something (I cringe to know what) and FINALLY asked her out on a date. Can't freaking wait for that episode. I hope it's a double date with Ryan and Kelly. That would make my year, especially if the night ended with Michael walking Ryan to his door, which I'm probably thinking of because he told Holly he would be treating Ryan like crap too as though Jan found him to be just as much of a competition. (Did I mention how uncool it was for Ryan and Kelly to be left out of this episode? It would've been a perfect time to talk about their future together.)
+ There was a hilarious exchange between Michael and Darryl, who was candidly trying to explain to him that he can't be a "baby daddy" if he didn't help make the baby.
+ Meanwhile, Pam and Jim were out of sync in this episode, suffering from the dreaded curse that's befallen every long distance relationship. We were, however, given a little treat at the end, when they conducted a conversation with each other's voice mail that sounded like they were talking to each other. Romeo and Juliet have nothing on these two.

+ Peter has become so accustomed to their routine of being assigned cases that when their boss barged into the lab with urgent news, he felt inspired to say: "Visiting hours! Everybody put on their best straightjackets."
+ This time they had to track down a guy who's mind was altered to control machinery...I think. They lose me sometimes.
+ Olivia sees her dead partner/lover whenever she's alone and he talks to her, gives her warnings, and even leads her to a private room in a basement that held all of his personal files about The Pattern. I tried to speculate why this was happening, but I was distracted by how similar his disappearing acts are to the "ghosts" of "Lost," which made me miss it even more. That and the music have an eerie connection to Abrams' other love child. Wouldn't it be hilarious if one of their cases had to do with a flight that went down on an island where there were experiments with electromagnetic fields and babies? Yeah, and by hilarious, I mean, completely unnecessary--revolutionary, because it would link two shows across two networks, revealing the secrets of one in another and sharing a fan base, but completely unnecessary. The real reason she was seeing him is because of the experiment she participated in in the first episode in order to save his life. Their minds were connected and part of his consciousness crossed over into hers, making them eternally linked. The doc says that his appearances are her way of pushing him out of her mind. Well, isn't that disruptive.

+ Callie chose to use Bailey as her lesbian godmother, coaching her through a transition into an "alternative" lifestyle (I hate that word). However, Bailey wasn't quite prepared for Callie to emotionally explode all over her. The expression on her face was like she had told her that she planned on having her butt grafted onto her face. Luckily, she recovered in time to calm Callie's nerves so that she could eliminate some of her insecurities about the sexual portion of said lifestyle. There was a lot of talk about the "motherland," "below the belt," not being interested in certain "cuisine." If I were lesbian, it would have felt like getting the sex talk from my mom, cause even I was mortified.
+ Christina became fascinated with the dermatology ward, when she went in there to get a prescription for one of her annoying clinical patients. It turns out the inside of Dermatology looks like the inside of Private Practice: calm, serene, and relaxing. The residents are in their early 20s, they wear pink, they get to leave early, they give each other really cool cases instead of fighting over them, and they have a masseuse on-call. As Christina said, "It's like watching a living freak show." Since the chief refused to allow everyone to stick to the fields that were their favorites, and Meredith got to scrub in on a unique heart surgery, and Alex and Izzie were fighting over a brain tumor extraction, Christina felt the need to find a haven. She literally took off her sneakers, got comfortable on their couch, and watched the Derm residents like they were a soap opera minus the drama. "They just love lotion. Do you know how much easier life would be if we just loved lotion?"
+ Meredith
and Izzie soon discovered how relaxing the section was and joined her for their own reasons. Derek found Meredith's mother's diary in the den, which made her nervous because she thought she'd finally closed the door on her mother's negative criticisms, since she was dead, but here there was a possibility of a whole new batch of them. Later she and Christina read the diary together in Derek's trailer, which he is now lending to her so that she can have her own space to go to when he encroaches too much on hers. There was even a nod to the Derm ward at the end when we see a sign that says "Dermatology" hanging outside of the trailer.
+ Izzie got so sick and tired of Alex's douchebag behavior that she threw a hospital supply at him, which made a nurse stare her down. Of course, Izzie proceeded to promise to pick it up. Heck, even I was scared. But Alex deserved it, even though he later explained that he was only being a jerk because he couldn't yell at his crazy ex-girlfriend Eva, so he had to yell at someone.
+ The biggest news of the night, of course, was that George passed his test. I think his case was really cute. Sad, but cute. He was trying to convince a doe-eyed kid that he would be okay if he allowed them to operate on his heart, so he thought it would be a great idea to bring him into an OR and show him a really simple bloodless surgery. Unfortunately, he walked into the one where a man had his face peeled down to his nose as a baseball-sized tumor was being pulled out. I would've screamed, but that kid wanted to stay. In fact, after George quickly carried him out, made him promise not to tell anyone he saw that, and brought him to the right OR, the kid sounded super disappointed when he said that that surgery was boring. Ah ha! George was triumphant, because then he said that his surgery would be just as boring, convincing the kid to give the okay. I think Georgie has a future in pediatrics. Him and Karev could be partners if Alex takes up the neonatal ward.
+ The saddest part of the episode was when George completely forgets Lexy exists after he discovers that he passed, and neglects to return for her after gathering his former roommates at the bar to celebrate. She pretends she's going to join them and then goes off to a corner to drink alone. She gave up a huge surgery for him in the last episode and she is so clearly in love with him. Why is he so blind?

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